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Co-teaching is a form of collaborative teaching in which the general education teacher and the special education teacher work together to provide instruction to students in a general education classroom. The general and special educators work as a cooperative and collaborative team to jointly teach heterogeneous groups of students. Special needs students are assisted to integrate successfully into general education while receiving modifications and accommodations identified by the ARD/IEP committee.

Co-teaching may assume any of several models of service delivery during a single lesson or on subsequent days. Some arrangements include:

  • The general education teacher maintains responsibility for the instruction and for the grading of all students in the class. The special education teacher develops and implements modifications/ accommodations for those students who have IEPs.
  • The teachers take turns instructing the students and take turns facilitating learning for individual students.
  • The teachers each provide instruction at a station, while the students rotate between stations.
  • The teachers simultaneously conduct a lesson, dividing the students into two groups.
  • The teachers share the responsibility for instruction, working together to present information, answer questions, and supervise activities.

The goals of co-teaching are:

  • To provide accommodations to grade-level TEKS-based instruction in general education classes so that individual needs can be met in an inclusive setting;
  • To provide on-going training for staff who are involved;
  • To create a school climate of acceptance, understanding and respect for all students;
  • To provide an opportunity for special education and general education teachers to work cooperatively for student success.

Student participation in a co-teaching setting must be determined by the ARD/IEP committee and the IEP must be implemented