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Private Duty Nursing

Private Duty Nursing

Judson ISD provides school nursing and school health services for students on all campuses. The District has campus clinic personnel comprised of Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Clinic Health Assistants to provide such services. Due to the complex medical needs of some students, parents may wish to waive the district school nurse and school health services that are required as part of a student’s Section 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP). In the event a parent wishes to utilize their own private duty nurse, the parent(s) are financially responsible for this nursing care.

It is the District’s goal to work together to provide the best and safest educational experience for all students. To provide clear guidelines and expectations of students on campus receiving private duty nursing services, refer to the Judson ISD Private Duty Nurse (PDN) Guidelines for information.

Private Duty Nursing Requirements

Prior to the start of each school year, when there is a change in the nursing provider, or prior to a new student receiving private nursing services, the following are REQUIRED prior to initiation of services:

NOTE: In order to request private duty nursing services for a student on campus, the IEP or 504 Plan must indicate that nursing services are required for the student to access school.

In addition to the mentioned documents, each PDN will need to complete a Form D-35 (Authorization for the Release of Criminal History Records). Each PDN will require fingerprints to be on file. Once completed, the PDN will be notified to come to District office for a photo and badge.

Upon receipt and verification of all the above items:

The Special Education Department will provide authorization to the contracting agency or independent contractor, and the parent, indicating that the private duty nurse may begin services with their student on a specified date.