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Walk-to-Bus Stop Distance

The Walk-to-Bus Stop Distance is defined as the maximum walking distance from a student’s residential address to the student’s assigned stop location.  The District has established certain criteria to determine the use of various locations for bus stops within District boundaries. While each route composition is unique, the typical walk-to-bus stop distances are as follows:

·     Pre-K, Kinder, and Elementary

0.25 miles

·     Secondary (Middle / High School)

     0.50 miles

Bus stops are located at centralized locations that can be safely accessed by a significant number of students to minimize the time and mileage of a run. If you have a concern about your child's safety, you are encouraged to accompany your child to the bus stop. As a safety consideration it is safer to have several students wait at a stop versus an individual. Judson ISD utilizes group stops where possible to cut down on the amount of ride time students are having to ride the bus. Also, in accordance with Judson ISD guidelines, Elementary students (PK-5) may be required to walk up to 0.25 miles to a bus stop. Secondary students (6-12) may be required to walk up to 0.50 miles. Students may also be required to walk further in newer subdivisions that have multiple houses under construction (active construction), as buses cannot fit down roads where there are vehicles parked on both sides, or if a subdivision is private and/or gated.

Effective as of the 2019-2020 School Year, all students who reside within a 2 mile walk zone of their home campus will no longer be eligible for bus services.  The district’s Hazardous Route Analysis, as approved by the School Board, evaluated walk paths between the residential area and the school.  This was done to maintain consistency with other comparable situations throughout the district and comply with the school two mile walk zone defined by the Texas Education Code (42.155) requirements.