Judson ISD

English Language Learners


To ensure the individual success of identified English Language Learners through the development of academic English proficiency in speaking, reading, listening, and writing verified by objective measures, that enables them to become competitive citizens globally, socially, economically, and educationally.

Dual Language Program

Inquire with Elementary Coordinator Luz Elena Ramirez

Bilingual Campuses

Coronado Village Elementary (Two Way Dual)

Mary Hartman Elementary (Two-Way Dual and Transitional)

Hopkins Elementary (Two Way Dual and Transitional)

Candlwood Elementary (Transitional)

Crestview Elementary (Transitional)

Paschall Elementary (Transitional)

Spring Meadows Elementary (Transitional)

Elementary English As A Second Langauege (ESL) Campuses

Elolf Elementary

Copperfield Elementary

Paschall Elementary

Salinas Elementary

Rolling Meadows Elementary

Woodlake Elementary

ESL Program available at all middle schools and all high schools