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To provide the safest, most reliable transportation for all of our students attending the 33 campuses of Judson Independent School District 


Michael Almendarez

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The Bus Shop employs Certified Mechanics for the purpose(s) of executing preventive maintenance programs to maintain vehicles and equipment in safe operating condition.   We maintain tools, equipment, and shop area for the purpose of ensuring the availability and functioning of required tools and equipment within a safe work area.  We prepare documentation (e.g. repairs, maintenance records, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and/or information to comply with regulating guidelines to meet District, State and Federal requirements.  We replace defective or damaged equipment as well as overhaul or rebuild engines. We use cost effective and innovative products, continuously looking for opportunities to improve and provide the best possible customer service. 

Mark Garcia

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JISD has a fleet of 329 vehicles with a total of 238 buses, which travel approximately 15,726 miles per day transporting approximately 13,275 (Eligible) students.   We have a total of 193 regular buses, 45 special education buses, 3 minibuses, 3 white vans, and other school district vehicles to maintain.   We have both gas and diesel powered automatic transmission buses ranging from 1999 to 2018 with a life expectancy of 20 years or 200,000 miles.  Preventative maintenance is scheduled for every vehicle throughout the fleet at 6,000 mile intervals and all buses are required to have a safety inspection every thirty (30) days.


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Fleet Parts Clerk - Debbie Sanders

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Our 8 mechanics use technical knowledge, existing procedures (or develop new procedures), and internal/external resources to diagnose and fix district vehicles and/or system malfunctions.  They modify, test, calibrate, and document engine system configurations to meet compliance requirements.  They also use various types of computing systems or electronic/electrical test equipment to test accuracy of electronic/electrical components/systems or to determine accuracy of equipment.   They perform minor body work (e.g. front ends, fenders, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining the appearance and safe operation of the vehicles.   Our mechanics have the skills to inspect, repair, and maintain vehicles and equipment. They rely on the Parts Specialist (Miguel Pantoja) to keep parts readily available.

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All Transportation Mechanics have a CDL with School Bus endorsement and a DOT Physical with Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance.

We communicate accurately, concisely, and professionally with our Director, Assistant Director, Terminal Supervisor, Dispatchers, Drivers and other Transportation Personnel as to the important repair steps taken, parts ordered, and time estimated until completion of repair.