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Infofinder i for Parents

Infofinder i for Parents (A Step-by-Step Guide for Finding Your Child’s Bus Schedule & Routing Information):
Finding routing information for students and parents has never been easier. While the district’s routing department is always readily available to respond to any questions directly, many answers can be found on your own by accessing Transfinder through the Transportation page of the district’s website. With a few short steps you will log into Infofinder i which will allow you to input student information to find their bus stop schedule including bus number, pick-up and drop off time and locations of each point. Infofinder i will also let you see the different schools that are assigned to addresses within the district.

Locating Infofinder i:
1. Open your internet web browser to the district’s website at https://www.judsonisd.org/.
2. Navigate to the ‘Departments’ drop down box and click on ‘Transportation’.
3. At the Transportation Home Page you will see ‘Resources’ along the left hand side of the screen. Navigate to ‘Transfinder; Get Bus Route Info Online’ and click to go to Infofinder i.
4. Several options are available for you to browse through although to immediately begin your search, you can enter the street address and zip code of the area you are inquiring about.
While address and zip code is all that is needed to begin a search, you can also add the school or grade, if you have that information, in order to filter down the exact results you are wanting. If you do not do this, Infofinder i will show the pick-up and drop-off times for all schools for your entered address. Once your information is entered, click on ‘Search’.
*If you see a message showing “Placement on Map is Approximate” or if the page shows a list of addresses that are close to your own but perhaps have Road instead of Drive, choose the one that is closest to your actual address.
5. When the map has populated, choose the header that reads ‘My Bus Stops’ to view the schedule for that address.
6. Clicking on the header ‘Register for Notifications’ will allow you to sign up for e-mail notifications that contact you anytime route information is updated for your input address. Once signed up you are sure to stay up to date whenever changes occur throughout the school year. This is a great way to stay on top of your child’s transportation schedule.
For any questions contact the Routing Department of Judson Independent School District’s Transportation Department at 210-945-1230.