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The Field Trip to the Zoo

The bus engine roared as we students clambered on board and took the first seats we could find.

We were so excited to be going on a field trip to the Zoo.

Margie had thought she’d have time for the bathroom, but she didn’t and was left behind.

Blas was laughing and put a bug down Amy’s back who was screaming with Ricky laughing too.

Aaron threw Diana’s new jacket out the window and Diana said something very unkind.

Kathy pushed Cynthia down in the seat and Cynthia started to cry.

This was so funny because Kathy is usually shy.

Sarah and Mary were reading their books

And both were talking about Kenny’s good looks.

Jajetta was pointing to something outside the bus.

I don’t know what it was because Mark was having fuss.

It started to rain when we got off the bus and Mr. Alex, was cold and soaked to the skin.

And then when he found out Michael forgot all our lunches, Mr. Alex’s patience began to wear thin.

Mr. Alex got so befuddled when he stepped in a puddle with the water going up to his shin.

I’d gladly say what he said when it happened, but I know that swearing’s a sin.

We moaned and we groaned as we started back home, cranky, exhausted, and spent.

Jajetta was certain her stomach was hurting, and we all understood what she meant.

Mr. Alex might feel that this trip was a failure, but I’m sure that was not his intent.

I will tell Mr. J when we get back to the classroom that we all had so much fun

Even though there was only a little sun.

The trip was more than just fine

Because Mr. Alex made sure we all had a great time.

We saw monkeys, bears, lions, tigers, hippos, baboons and so many more animals too.

What a great day we had at the San Antonio Zoo.


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