The Transportation Department has been very busy this Summer. The Staff (Routing, Training, Dispatch, Field Trips, Payroll, Secretary, Parts Clerk, Supervisors, etc...), Mechanics and Mechanic Helpers, and All the Different Crews have been working to get everything ready for the 2017-2018 School Year. The Staff has been updating documents, brochures, handbooks, and all other necessary documentation needed throughout the school year. The Training Department has been very busy training bus drivers and assistants. The Routing Department has been updating routes to make the routes run more proficient and making sure students are in the system. Dispatch has been been updating their paperwork, getting the driver route binders together, putting names on the drivers and assistants mailboxes as well as other stuff that needs to be completed. The mechanics and the mechanic helpers have been working on getting our buses up and running and putting new engines in buses as well. All the different crews have been working 5 hours Monday through Friday cleaning the buses inside and out, waxing and detailing the buses as well as other district vehicles, fixing seats, and painting the parking lot, and whatever else needs to be done in Transportation.  The New Bus Wash has been working like a dream; it only takes 7 minutes to wash a bus and 5 minutes to wash a van. We are going to have the cleanest fleet this coming school year.  


There has also been quite a few changes in Transportation this Summer.  Our Operations Manager, Mr. Elizandro (Alex) Munoz, has been retitled to Assistant Director of Transportation.  The Routing Specialist II, Diana Jimenez, has also been retitled to Routing Supervisor.  We welcome a new Training Specialist II, Aaron Rutkowsky, who has also been retitled to Training Supervisor.  We will have a Terminal Supervisor and a Video Specialist as well.  We also have a new Assistant Shop Foreman, Mark Garcia, who will be assisting the Shop Foreman, Michael Almendarez in keeping our buses in top shape for the new school year. There has been quite a few changes this Summer, which has been a great improvement for the Transportation Department.