Judson ISD

Employee Access Center (EAC) for Substitutes, Temporary, and Former Employees

This page is to help substitutes, temporary, and former employees access the Employee Access Center.

Substitutes and Temporary Employees

The Employee Access Center (EAC) is an application that allows employees to access their own personal and payroll information. The following is a brief summary of the capabilities this application offers: ability to view W-4 tax withholding status, access to employee demographics, deductions and benefits detail, leave information, as well as the detail of previous payroll checks.

  • To access the Employee Access Center, login through the My JISD Portal
  • Login using your District credentials (Windows username and password)
  • Select Applications
  • Select Employee Access Center

Former Employees

Former employees will be granted access for up to 6 months after a former employee separates from the district. Please print or save check vouchers or w2s within this time period.

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Access Employee Access Center

In order to access the system, you will need the following:

  • User ID: Judson ISD Employee Number
  • Password: SSN with no dashes

Once you are logged in, please update your password by navigating to "Update Account" in the upper-right corner of the application.

If you experience any problems, please call the Judson ISD Payroll Department at 210-945-5525 and indicate whether you are a substitute or a former employee.