Judson ISD

Partnership Opportunities

Be Our Partner

If you are interested in being a local business partner, Judson ISD would like to partner with your business!

We have over 2,800 Judson ISD employees and we would like to give them an opportunity to be your customer. If your business offers special discount deals, exciting events, free consultations or free seminars, then you should apply to be a partner.

Your Partnership Perk will be shared with our employees through our intranet site and JISD Post Weekly Newsletter.

Be a Good Neighbor

Each year, the JISD Good Neighbor Program encourages and recognizes the efforts of individuals, businesses, governmental entities and community groups who actively support our schools and our students.

Simply fill out a Good Neighbor Commitment Form and review the many different ways you can do activities (listed in the Good Neighbor Resource Guide) to make a difference in our school district. Once you have completed at least 3 activities please fill out the Good Neighbor Activity Fulfillment Form so we can present you with a Good Neighbor Certificate, Good Neighbor Vinyl Window Sticker or Good Neighbor Yard Sign.

Be a Career Day Speaker

We are seeking Career Day speakers to share their experiences with young students aspiring to step into the workforce following high school and higher education.  Real life stories will help these students to understand what is available to them in the career marketplace and what to look for when pursuing their goals. 

Be a Mentor

The JISD mentorship program is designed to cultivate self-esteem and self confidence into a student’s life while instilling a motivation to learn and improve personal and social skills. Our mentors become role models that reinforce the importance of an education and build a relationship with their student. The District requires that all potential mentors fill out a mentor application and undergo a background check before mentoring.

Welcome New Teachers

Every summer we work on putting together 200 goodie bags of items for our new teachers. If your business would like to add pens, cups, note pads, USB drives, etc.

Please contact our Business Partnership Coordinator at 210-945-5412.