Judson ISD


The Judson School for Adult Transition (JSAT) is a program for students between the ages of 18 and 22 who have completed their graduation requirements and are now ready to increase their vocational skills, leading to employability in a business or community setting.  JSAT provides job training, community experiences and opportunities to achieve independent living for young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities.  Students who have completed their academic programs but are not ready to leave school or who may require support in an employment setting may be eligible for this program.

JSAT students are placed on one of three tiers of instruction, based on their present levels of competencies and needs.  They will move through the tiers as they develop vocational skills, improve dexterity, and increase speed and accuracy in completing tasks.  Students will also practice social skills, self-advocacy and self-determination to assist them to transition into post-secondary life.

The goals of JSAT are to:

  • teach meaningful vocational skills that are transferable to life in the community;
  • provide additional supports in transportation, housing, daily living and respite services, in collaboration with families and community agencies;
  • assist students with disabilities to lead successful and personally fulfilling lives now and in the future;
  • prepare students to function as independently as possible in society;
  • foster the development of skills that increase autonomy and nurture problem solving in the school, home, community and workplace.

The placement of a student into the JSAT program must be through ARD/IEP committee action.  The student must be a candidate for graduation, or have graduated and be between the ages of 18 and 22.  The ARD/IEP must develop an IEP with goals and objectives that reflect the specific skills that will be the focus of instruction, based on the student’s present level of competency