Judson ISD

Vocational Adjustment Coordination (VAC)

The Vocational Adjustment Coordination (VAC) program is designed to teach general vocational skills to high school students with special needs through work experiences at job sites, with support from special education instruction. Participation in the VAC program prepares students to enter the world of work upon graduation. Students work either part-time (15 or more hours a week) or full-time (30 or more hours a week) in paid positions in the community.

The goals of the VAC program are:

  • to provide supplemental work readiness instruction and support for participating special education students;
  • to assist the students in locating, securing and maintaining appropriate job placements to meet individual needs;
  • to provide adequate job follow-up and guidance to the students at the job sites to improve the chances for success;
  • to provide transition services through communication and coordination with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and/or other community agencies, as needed;
  • to promote parent involvement in the students’ educational program and to communicate with parents regarding their son’s/daughter’s progress in the work program.

Participation in the VAC program must be through an ARD/IEP committee decision, based on the determination that the VAC program is the least restrictive, most appropriate alternative for meeting the student’s educational needs and anticipated graduation option (demonstration of employment). The student must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible.