Judson ISD

Course Catalogs and Student Registration Process

Judson ISD students

The intent of these course catalogs is to assist you in selecting the courses you will take in the next school year. Your plan for a middle and/or high school education will include required core subject and elective courses. These courses will help foster education growth and development that will aid you in the process of working towards college and career readiness.

Judson ISD parents and guardians

You are an integral part of your student’s education. These course catalogs are designed to assist you and your student’s decision making regarding course selection. If you have any questions, counselors, teachers, and administrators at the school will be available to discuss specific concerns with you.

Our Focus

Beginning in February, Judson ISD Counselors begin to meet with their students to provide support and guidance in building a course schedule for the coming school year. At the conclusion of the registration process, master scheduling is built and faculty and staff are assigned based on student course choices from registration. Schedules should not be changed after courses have been selected and entered with the counselor. Judson ISD does understand that certain circumstances may require modification to the student’s schedule.

Your campus counselor is here to assist and support you and your children.