Judson ISD

Judson ISD Media Report Cards

What is a JISD Media Report Card?

The JISD Media Report Cards are simply a quantitative way of measuring how different media outlets cover what's going within the district. Some members of the news media may do more negative stories about the district than the rest, while others may do more positive stories...still others may project a more balanced approach. This is a way of tracking trends for the district's benefit and the public at large can also see the tendencies among the different local TV, radio and newspaper coverage.

How is the JISD Media Report Card Scored?

Each time a member of the news media calls the Communications Department for information other than Public Information Act requests, it is logged and then classified into one of three catagories...positive, negative or neutral. If a reporter calls about and airs/publishes a story about a top performing school, that would be positive. If a report came out about an employee being arrested, that would be negative. A story about school board election results would be considered neutral. Also any inquiries that may be initially positive or negative, but that did not result in a public news report, would be considered neutral. All these interactions are compiled throughout each school year to form a snapshot of media coverage trends.

Why do a Media Report Card?

It is helpful to know how the news media reports the events in a given school year because they have an impact on the community, students and district employees. The aim of the Media Report Card is to add context to news coverage and encourage balanced reporting that informs the general public about what's going on in the Judson ISD whatever it is.

Judson ISD's Annual Media Report Cards