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Ever since Wagner High School opened in 2005, there

has been a spirited rivalry between the Thunderbirds

and the sister school the Judson Rockets. That has

grown into what is called the “Hammer Bowl.” It is a

great display of the student athletes within Judson ISD.

There were plenty of big plays, exciting runs and in-

credible catches that kept the fans amazed and made

everyone proud.

If you missed it, go to the link below for some great

photos of the game that take you on the field and on

the sidelines.


The Hammer Bowl: A JISD Traditio


Janice Lafoille Library

(continued from page 1)

JISD Superintendent Dr. Carl A. Montoya was on

hand to help cut the ceremonial ribbon along with

JISD Board President Steve Salyer and Board Secre-

tary Renee Paschall and Board Member Richard

LaFoille, Ms. LaFoille’s husband.

Her work in the library is only a part of what she has

contributed to the school. Ms. LaFoille has donated

books, supplies and various school materials to Park

Village and has supported so many of the kids and

their families over the years.

She’s not the kind to tell everyone

about the contributions she’s made. In

fact, she admits ceremonies like this

make her feel uncomfortable, but

they are a small price to pay to rec-

ognize the impact that’s been sus-

tained this long and is


" Her service helped me realize

my dream of what our library

should be.”

Eddy Lou Peterson , coworker