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Star Teachers Producing Excellence
Candlewood Elementary School is proud to select Krystal Kato as our “Teacher of the Month.” Ms. Kato is a very dynamic
and innovative 4th grade teacher who advocates for every student at Candlewood, not just her students. Her dedication
to the students is evident as she searches high and low for needed resources and materials, meticulously records and
tracks student performance, and builds respectable relationships with student and parents. The students are always
engaged in the activities she creates for them and have shown incredible gains in their academic performance. Students
compete to be the best in her class and never complain about being challenged. She is well respected among her peers
and enlivens the campus with her creative ideas and campus initiatives. It is an honor to have Ms. Kato on our campus.
Kitty Hawk
Ashley Mayle is a first-year 6th grade World Contemporary Cultures teacher at Kitty Hawk Middle School. Ms. Mayle is a
2013 graduate of Trinity University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in
Teaching. Ms. Mayle’s positive attitude and enthusiasm each and every day in her classes and in the hallways is
contagious and she genuinely has her students’ best interests at heart. Ms. Mayle was nominated by several teachers
along with counselors and administrators for the Judson Journal Star Teacher recognition.
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