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Star Teachers Producing Excellence
Judson Evening High School
We are proud to announce Joshua Martinez as a Star Teacher for Judson Evening High School. He has been with Judson
ISD since 2012 as an educator with the Judson Achievement Center, as well as one of our most dedicated educators at
Judson Evening High School. He has been chosen as a Star Teacher because of his outstanding efforts in supporting
students who are working towards obtaining their high school diploma. The students look up to Mr. Martinez as a mentor,
a friend and an educator who spends his personal time in the evening, working with students in our program. In our
program, students are given the opportunity to attend classes online, and Mr. Martinez is there to tutor and guide
students through the program. He is an asset to our school and we appreciate his hard work throughout his last two years
with JISD.
Star Volunteer Producing Excellence
Mrs. Mariam Gonzales, in addition to being the mother of senior Rudy Gonzales, is one of our most ardent volunteers. No
project or event has been too big, too small, and too much or too little for her to volunteer her time to JECA. In addition
to being a full time realtor and parent, she has given her time willingly to the Class of 2014 on a regular basis. In
preparation and anticipation of Rudy’s graduation, Mrs. Gonzales has volunteered the past four years on the Project
Graduation. She has also donated her time to assist in the Spring Fest, Bingo events, Converse Parade, and Project
Graduation, bringing food and assisting others in the preparation for all of these activities. She has helped capture
memories by taking and sharing her photos of these and numerous other events. We can actually say Project Graduation
has been her focus starting four years ago. The endless time and dedication Miriam has given has led to the success and
earnings for our Class of 2014.
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