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The JISD Walking Challenge is simple...first of all, each employee is asked to sign up for the
challenge through eduphoria...that e-form will be coming soon. We'll let you know when it's available
as well as the official start of the challenge...second, when it starts, walk 30 minutes a day, five days
a week for a total of six weeks.
By using the basic formula of the average walking speed of 4 mph, 15 minutes of walking should
equal one mile. That calculates out that an employee can walk about 10 miles a week.
Once an employee reaches 60 miles, they are asked to email Kim Cadwell kim
and they will get a small backpack that's great for carrying your walking shoes and clothes for
changing. It doesn't take long each day, but it adds up to moving your body and living a healthier life.
In the coming weeks, we'll be telling you more about the program, suggestions to make it fun and how
you can encourage other staff members. In the meantime, give it some serious could
change your life.
Employees are always encouraged to check with their doctor before starting any exercise program if
they have been inactive for a while.
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