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Jammin’ at Jubilee
By Christine Khoury
(Exclusive Student Content)
It is a night that no matter who you are or what grade you’re in, students come together for a
time of celebration at the annual Judson Jubilee. From freshmen to seniors, boys and girls,
one group to another, at the traditional Judson High School Jubilee, the Rocket community
comes out to celebrate the months of hard work. Work and dedication that the dancers,
cheerleaders, and color guard have spent practicing. Each group puts on a show that
amazes the crowd and bringing smiles and
laughter to their faces.
The whole event gives performers a chance
to demonstrate their skills, while the
audience can enjoy their talent and
creativity. “This last
Jubilee made me
feel honored and
proud of my team,”
senior Dena Buonya
As the fans roar for their fellow Rockets, however, seniors suddenly
get a somber feeling that it’s all over. The realization that their four
years of high school are behind them hits home for many of them.
From being fresh out of middle school as freshmen, to everyday life in
high school for the past four years…soon over. The rules and routines
that have become commonplace giving rhythm to their life are
wrapping up. It occurs to them that they will soon leave high school
behind to face and conquer new challenges in the real world.
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