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Jammin’ at Jubilee
Then, as quickly as these emotions arise, they dissipate from the joyful jeers and cheers they
receive from the Rocket community.
“Cherishing these moments with my Galaxies is one of the best memories of my high school
career,” said Buonya. “I will always remember them,” as she expressed her love for her fellow
Galaxy dancers.
Though the moment is bittersweet
as the show comes to an end,
nothing but Rocket Pride fills the air
of the gymnasium as friends and
family congratulate the performers.
They gave their best for four years
to the school and fellow students
that mean so much to them. While
these laughs, hugs and
conversations may be numbered,
this is what a community is all
about, having fun and bringing
people together. Suddenly, there is
one more realization: The Rocket community is an amazing and beautiful thing, and we are
so glad to be a part of it.
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