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It seems like each school has their unique way of prepping for the STAAR exam. Along with the academic
preparation and encouragement, the staff at Hopkins each year put their pride on the line for the students in
what is called the Annual Staff Olympics. They participate in different unusual games and relays that show kids
that they're willing to go out of their comfort zone to show what they can do...and they can too when it comes
to the STAAR test. Students got a big
kick out of seeing their teachers and
administrators trying to bounce a
basketball...ride a tricycle, play
clipboard tennis, cup stacking, trash
can basketball and many other
games. They cheered on their favorite
participants and learned some great
hints for doing well on the test.
A couple of ways Olympia Elementary School got their kids ready for STAAR
was a special writing activity...called Camp Write-Along. Fourth graders
took everything they've learned this year in writing and put it into practice
in this special "camp." It was some critical practice right before testing that
was made a little more fun by breaking out tents in the classroom complete
with flashlights so they could write and read their compositions. To get
students mentally pumped for the STAAR, Olympia teamed up with
Judson High School to escort 3rd-5th graders into a gym full of waiting supporters. The Rocket Drum Line and
the Galaxy Dancers cheered them on to excellence. Thanks to
everyone who help get these students ready and juiced up to
do their best.
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