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How to Setup a Computer
This course will help you get your computer out
of the box and onto your computer desk. You
will learn how to set up the computer, connect
all the wires & cables, turn it on, register your
product online, connect to the internet, and set
up the many maintenance programs that are
needed to keep your computer in top running
condition. To learn specific details as to how
the computer works, you will need to take
Computer Basics. Having a computer has so
many advantages so do not allow yourself to
continue to live in the dark. Anyone can learn
how to use the computer! Enroll now! Dave
is military retired and is known as Digital Dave
in this area.
Meets once from 6-8:30 pm $19
June 9 (M)
Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
Basic Introduction
to Computers
Beginners Level
This is a very basic course to get you started
in the computer field. It is best to have a
computer for this course but not absolutely
necessary. It would cover basics such as how
to turn your computer on and off, how to use
a mouse & keyboard, how to save documents,
a basic study of each piece of equipment, etc.
Get some hands-on computer class time with
an instructor that has a passion to help others
learn what computers can do for them.
Meets Tues & Thurs from 6-8 p.m. — $89
June 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, & July 1 (T/Th)
Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
What Do You Want to Know
About Computers?
Do you have a question you would like
answered? This class will allow you to practice
on the computer – how to find the answer to
most any question you might have. Amaze
yourself on how easy it is to find the answer
to any question you might have concerning
anything. Maybe you would like to know how
to do something? It is easy to find out how to
accomplish what you would like to achieve if
you know where to find it. You will be using
the computer browser during this class and
learn how & where to search for your answers.
Bring your questions to an enjoyable &
informative class.
Meets 1 time — $19
June 11 (W) from 10am-12:30pm at JLA
July 9 (W) from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at JMS
Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
Judson Middle School-Bldg B
Your Medication List
Every time we go to the doctor’s office, they
ALWAYS want to knowwhat medications we are
taking. We often cannot remember them all and
especially the dosage of the medications. So mak-
ing a medication chart in Microsoft Excel makes is
easy to update as one’s medications change. When
ready to go to the doctor’s office, you just print out
a copy which you give to the medical assistant to
be included in your record. It helps prevent errors
and makes it easy enter the information in your
record. You also can carry a copy in your wallet for
emergency purposes. Join us on to learn how you
can create your own medication chart. It is easy.
It is fast. Along the way, you will learn a little bit
about Excel such how to change fonts and font
size, change column and rowwidth, add borders to
cells, center titles, add automatic dates and a few
other things as time permits. Sign up today for an
interesting and useful course. Each two hour ses-
sion will be structured with one hour of instruction
and one hour of guided practice. The course will be
taught by Dave Oliver. No prior knowledge of Excel
is necessary.
Meets 1 time from 6-8 p.m. —$19
June 9 (Mon) 10 a.m. – 12 noon
Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
Digital Camera Basics
This is a specialized class on digital cameras.
Learn how does it works, how to take pictures,
how are pictures are stored on the camera,
how do you get the pictures from the camera
to the computer, etc.  Once the pictures are on
the computer you will learn how to edit the
pictures, print them. You will learn how to
send pictures through email and how to work
with the pictures you have taken.   You should
have some computer knowledge, especially
knowledge about files, folders and how files are
stored on a computer. You should know how
to find the files once they are stored. Enroll
& learn from our expert Digital Dave who has
some tricks to share with you!
Meets 2 classes from 6-8:30 pm — $49
July 2 & 3 (W/Th)
Digital Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
Digital Pictures
Editing & Enhancing
This course would be for the student at an
intermediate level. Students would cover how
to edit digital photos, how to print, and how to
use photo editing programs such as Microsoft
Picture It. The editing portion would include
how to size, crop, clone, eliminate red eye and
in general enhancement of your digital photos.
Learn how to enrich those special moments in
time to treasure for a lifetime. Course length,
two sessions, two hours each. Total four hours
Meets 2 classes from 6-8:00 pm — $49
July 8 & 10
Digital Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
Computer Maintenance
& Clean Up
Is your computer running slow? Learn how to
maintain your computer & keep it running in top
condition. There are many things that should be
accomplished in keeping a computer running
fast & smooth. This class would be considered
an intermediate class in skill level. It will
include physical maintenance & maintenance
using software. It will cover handling issues
with menacing viruses, SPAM, Ad Ware, Spy
Ware, pop-ups, etc.
Meets for 2 classes 6-8:30 pm— $49
July 15 & 17 (T/Th)
Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy
iPad 2 & iPad 3
Orientation 101
This is an orientation to the popular iPad 2 and
iPad 3. They are the 2nd and 3rd generations of
Apple’s tablet computer. Learn what you can
do with them such as emails, use audio-visual
media, search web, take pictures, & much
more. Study how it can sync with your iPhone
and how many of the apps work on both. If you
don’t have an iPhone and are thinking about
getting an iPhone, being familiar with the iPad
will help you have an easy transition to the
Meets 2 classes from 6-8:00 pm — $49
June 16 &18 10am-12noon at JMS
July 22 & 24 (T/Th) at JLA
Digital Dave Oliver, Instructor
Judson Learning Academy (JLA)
Judson Middle School-Bldg B (JMS)
C am p u s e s
Adult &
Ta l e n t S e a r c h
D e p a r t m e n t
Judson Adult & Community Education
Adventure Club Afterschool Program
Judson Middle School-B Building
9695 Schaefer Rd., Converse, TX 78109
Call 210-619-0426
Fax 210-619-0499
Take drive next to baseball field & drive to rear of
building where you will see our signs above double doors.
Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union
1 Randolph Brooks Parkway
Creswell Administrative Center
Live Oak, TX 78233
O t h e r C l a s s L o c a t i o n s
If you would like to teach a community education class, submit a proposal to
Daytime and evening classes welcome. Class proposal form can be downloaded from
under the Community Education web page.
210-619-0425 or 210-619-0426
Keep thru August 2014
Register early to reserve slot
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Learning in the
Lone Star State
Mission Statement:
To improve the quality of life through providing enriching
Adult & Community Education classes & programs.
To enroll and pay for classes, visit the Judson Community Education Webstore at:
Check the webstore often for new classes!
Candlewood Elementary
3635 Candleglenn
San Antonio, TX 78244
Converse Elementary
6720 F.M. 1516
Converse, TX 78109
Copperfield Elementary
7595 E. Loop 1604 N
Converse, TX 78109
Coronado Village
213 Amistad
Universal City, TX 78148
Crestview Elementary
7710 Narrow Pass
San Antonio, TX 78233
Ed Franz Elementary
12301 Welcome Dr.
Live Oak, TX 78233
Elolf Elementary
6335 Beech Trail
Converse, TX 78109
Hartman Elementary
7203 Woodlake Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78218
Hopkins Elementary
2440 Ackerman Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78219
Judson District Office
8012 Shin Oak
Live Oak, TX 78233
Judson Early College
Academy (JECA)
8230 Palisades Dr.
Live Oak, TX 78148-3186
Judson Education
Community Center
GED Test Site
102 School St.
Converse, TX 78109
Judson Educational
Resource Center
8205 Palisades Drive
Live Oak, TX 78233
Judson Middle School
9695 Schaefer Rd.
Converse, TX 78109
Judson High School
9142 FM 78
Converse, TX 78109
Rolling Oaks Mall-2nd
Level next to Sears
6909 N Loop 1604 E #2010
San Antonio, TX 78247
Kirby Middle School
5441 Seguin Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78219
840 Cimarron Trail
Universal City, TX 78148
Masters Elementary
2650 Woodlake Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78244
Miller’s Point Elementary
7027 Misty Ridge
Converse, TX 78109
Olympia Elementary
8439 Athenian
Universal City, TX 78148
Park Village Elementary
5855 Midcrown Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78218
Paschall Elementary
6351 Lake View Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78244
Performing Arts Center
9443 Schaefer Rd.
Converse, TX 78109
Rolling Meadows
17222 FM 2252 (Nacogdo-
ches Rd)
San Antonio, TX 78266
Salinas Elementary
10560 Cimarron Trail
Universal City, TX 78148
Spring Meadows
7135 Elm Trail
San Antonio, TX 78244
Wagner High School
3000 N. Foster Road
San Antonio, TX 78244
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