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Digging in the ground and
smelling fresh dirt and planting a
beautiful garden is something
every elementary student
should experience. Students at
Candlewood are turning
dirt in a brand new school garden project
in hopes of
getting the
hands of
dirty and their minds green with experience. Each grade level
and Special Education class will plant and take care of their own
4X8 foot raised garden bed. This project is made possible by
incentive money that the district received through recent energy
reduction measures. The school has also received some great
donations from parents and Lowe's, as well as some big help
from the school's organic recycling partner New Earth Soils and
Compost. Thank you to everyone involved for making this
For the first time in Judson Middle School history, the orchestra earned Sweepstakes at a varsity level UIL
music contest. Last year the group got all top marks, but as a non-varsity level group. This was the concert and
sight reading contest that not only tests a group's ability to play prepared pieces cohesively and musically, but
it also requires them to play a piece that they have never seen before. The students and director get only a few
minutes to talk over the piece before actually
playing it...and they only get one shot at
it. The Judson MS orchestra came through it
with flying colors. For music students, it like
acing the STAAR test...and they did it. In
addition, 10 students made it to the Region
12 Orchestra. Congratulations to all these are making spectacular music!
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