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Rockets Take Center Stage
By Christine Khoury
(Exclusive Student Content)
Scenes from fall production of "Noises Off"
This is what some people put all of their time into. It’s what some students dedicate every
Saturday to doing. It is the one and only reason some students sacrifice their sleep and free
time----to take center stage!
University Interscholastic League (UIL) is a competition in which students from different
schools compete in various categories for the top spot. The theatre events take place on
Saturdays as early as the crack of dawn and end as late as 9 p.m. The categories vary from
academics to fine arts.
A lot more preparation goes into UIL than people know. The actors and competitors give a lot
of their time to practice in order to be the very best. “We start preparing in early August, and
the first competition is during the first week of school. So when school starts, they’re ready
for competition,” said Mr. Bailey, Judson Theatre Arts Department Head and the UIL Theatre
Coordinator for the school. Mr. Bailey enjoys the
competitive aspect of theatre and his passion
resonates with his students once they take the stage.
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