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Rockets Take Center Stage
No matter how tired or stressed they are, both actors admit if they don’t work hard for what
they want, they can’t expect the results of being the best.
“I’m pretty proud and amazed at the talent that they are exhibiting,” said Ms. White, the
Theatre I teacher and UIL Theatre coach. “They are representatives of Judson Theatre.”
Trey Adkins and Brianna Pitts have been in theatre since their sixth grade year and have
always been very involved.
“It’s my senior year and I have been with TFA
(Texas Forensics Association) for four years,
and to be able to end with that note was very
special. It was a nice finish to everything,”
Trey Adkins said.
Both students always remain humble, no
matter how much praise they receive from
“I figure if I’m not at the top I’m not doing it
right, honestly. But every time I don’t win, it’s a
learning experience,” Brianna said.
From early mornings to late nights, Trey Adkins’ and Brianna Pitts’ dedication to the theatre
department hasn’t gone unnoticed.
“I could not be any more honored that I have been a part of their journey,” said Ms. White.
Trey Adkins and Brianna Pitts
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