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Judson’s FFA:

Taking Education Beyond

The Classroom

Student Content by Aliah Almaguer

Getting a good education doesn’t always mean staying in a classroom.

That’s the idea that the Judson High School chapter of the FFA is all about

and they’re passing it on to the district’s youngest students.

Future Farmers of America, or FFA, is one of the larger organizations at

Judson High School. The program is designed to help students learn how

to raise animals, farm for sustainability, and grow crops, among many

other skills.

Each year, The Barnyard Committee

meets to plan a showing for elementary

school students. The committee leader

junior Mallori Johnson, along with

co-chairs senior Joshua Borg

and sophomore Haley Klar,

facilitated the visit.

“We put together the commit-

tee in the beginning of the

year and students create short

scripts to educate the children

in areas that entertain them,”

agricultural science teacher

Lauren Henderson said.

On November 21, the organi-

zation welcomed elementary

students from Elolf, Converse,

Crestveiw, Copperfield, Olympia, and Hopkins to the barns to showcase

their work, and introduce them to the


“Showing kids what FFA has to offer and what they do, the kids start

wanting to raise animals of their own,” junior Klar said.

The young students that arrive at the barn were amazed by the animals,

as many of them have never seen them at a school, or even that close up.

More so, the elementary school teachers were ecstatic to see their stu-

dents have a great time admiring the rabbits, baby chicks, and “Oakley”

the steer.

“It’s an amazing feeling

teaching the younger chil-

dren about FFA. They get so

excited about it and are just

so amazed because most of

them have never seen a farm

animal up close and getting

to see them get so interested

in the shows is amazing,”

Henderson said.

The organization displays

lambs, chickens, goats, rab-

bits, cattle, swine and plants.

FFA students help the young

students un-

derstand the terminology, use and care of all the animals,

complete with props.

“We ask the kids questions, or try to play games with them

or ask about how their experience was with the animals to

try and get them to interact and feel comfortable,” Henderson said.

They also included what consumer products come from what is raised on

farms and ranches too. In addition, the tour included a trip to the green-

house where the young students learned about the photosynthesis cycle.

But the most popular part with the kids is usually the animals. “We hear

the kids all the time saying how they want to raise their own farm animals

or that they can’t wait to come back again to see the animals,” Henderson

said. “There have even been a few kids that have come back in the follow-

ing year happy to see and learn about FFA again.”

This is a yearly event that the FFA puts on to showcase their program to

younger students in an effort to recruit them when they enter high school.

It is a benefit to both the high school students and the elementary stu-

dents because they get to experience learning about animals and have an

opportunity to have an idea about job choices in their future.

“Showing kids what FFA has to offer and

what they do, the kids start wanting to raise

animals of their own,”

Sophomore Haley Klar

As a part of the Adopt-A

-School program that

Northeast Lakeview

College initiated earlier

this year, kinder students

from Salinas Elementary

School were invited to

get a taste of the college

experience. They were

given a tour of the cam-

pus and what going to a

college campus is all

about. While they were

there, the school hosted

an Easter egg hunt on

the grounds and later, to

wrap up the day, they

were given the chance to

dress up in a cap and

gown to take a gradua-

tion walk like a real


NLC Gives Kindergarten Students Taste of College Life

Judson FFA members show students


Elementary students take in a

demonstration by Judson FFA