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JISD Middle School Music

Programs Playing Top Notes

Not every middle school enters both its varsity and non-varsity

bands to major UIL contests, but some do. Even fewer schools

see both of those bands awarded Sweepstakes honors. But that's

exactly what happened with the Metzger Middle School Honors

and Symphonic Bands. But the big UIL Concert and Sight-

reading Contest was not the only competition these two bands

participated in.

Metzger’s Bands also took Best In Class honors at two other mu-

sic contests in the local area.

Kirby Middle School's music program is commanding a lot of

respect these days. The school's Honors Band racked up the cov-

eted Sweepstakes award with straight 1s across the

board...meaning every judge mark was the best in both concert

and sight-reading. This is the third straight year that Kirby has

achieved Sweepstakes awards and the ninth time in the school

history. Congratulations to the 27 members of the Kirby Honors

Band and to their director Mr. Elizondo.

Meanwhile, the Kirby Symphonic Band did very well

too. Awarded a 1 Superior Rating for its concert perfor-

mance. Congratulations also to the Symphonic Band Director

Mr. Ascolese for successfully guiding these students.

The Judson Middle School Orchestra hit the jackpot this year at

the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest. The Varsity Orches-

tra group not only earned Sweepstakes (means top honors in con-

cert performance and sight reading), but they got straight

1s...that's the best marks from every judge in both catego-

ries. The non-varsity ensemble also did a great job by get-

ting straight 1s in their stage performance. This is the first time

Judson Middle School has ever brought two groups to contest and

they did fantastic. Congratulations to Director Ms. Amy Mar-

tinez. She is very proud of her students!

Metzger Band At recent Alamo Showcase of Music Contest

Metzger MS

Kirby MS

Kirby MS Sweepstakes winning Honors Band

Judson MS

Judson MS Varsity Orchestra