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Rockets Experience Hunger at the
Oxfam Hunger Banquet
By Kiana Dunaway
(Exclusive Student Content)
Imagine a room with about twenty people
inside. Out of those twenty people, ten people,
which is 50% of the people in the room, don’t get a
sufficient amount to eat everyday. Seven people,
which is 35% of the people in the room, almost get
the recommended amount of food and water each
day. And the remaining 15%, which is three people,
get a sufficient amount of food and water each day.
These percentages represent the reality of hunger
around the world and even locally, here in San Anto-
nio. These numbers are shocking and something
should be done about it; if not for the people of the
world, for the people here in San Antonio. The Inter-
national Baccalaureate (IB) students at Judson High
School are doing something about the hunger prob-
lem in San Antonio. They hosted their second annu-
al Oxfam Hunger Banquet this March.
The Oxfam Hunger Banquet is an interactive
banquet, where people are separated into classes,
representative of how hunger correlates to one’s
socioeconomic status. As attendees entered the
banquet hall, they randomly pulled cards that signi-
fied their class. Fifty percent of the people were in
the lower class. Thirty-five percent of the people
were in the middle class and the remaining fifteen
percent of the people were high class. As part of the
interaction, people were given food, prepared by IB
students. The lower class was given a half cup of
rice. The middle class was given beans and a half
cup of rice, and the high class was served a full
meal with a complete wait-staff. While the people
ate, the emcees shared some shocking statistics
about world hunger and discussed how people in
the United States actually waste more food than
they consume.
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