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Experiencing Judson Pride
A Foreign Perspective
By Alexandria Tuckwood
(Exclusive Student Content)
Visiting a foreign country for a week or two can
be an awesome experience for most people, but
living abroad for an entire school year, that’s a
life altering experience that’s unforgettable. Just
ask Nina Kathrine Suhr, a foreign exchange stu-
dent from Alta, Norway who came to Judson
High School in August of last year. While she
looked forward to the experience, she did have
to make some adjust-
ments. She left be-
hind her mother and
father, Hanne and
Björn, and her Broth-
er, Vegar as well as
some of her favorite
hobbies…her snow-
mobile, moped, and
four-wheeler and es-
pecially her friends.
But she was up for
the experience.
Nina joined the Foreign Exchange Pro-
gram to learn different languages and cultures.
“I wanted to go to Kentucky, Florida, or Louisi-
ana but I ended up here,” she said jokingly. Nina
learned that school here is really structured as
opposed to the more free-form, independent en-
vironment that exists in Norwegian schools.
“Schools in the United States of America (USA)
have rules, and you have to be in class. In Nor-
way it is up to you to be responsible and do
what you are supposed to do,” Nina said.
After some initial adjustments that any-
one living in a foreign country would have to
make, Nina began to find her stride. Finding
classes that she enjoyed and getting involved in
extracurricular groups. She signed up for year-
book, soccer, and dance. “I like my teachers.
They make sure I understand and have a great
experience,” Nina said.
One of the great parts of the whole exchange
experience she says is her host family. Bobby
and Connie Henline have a son and daughter at
Judson, an older sibling, who is expecting her
first child, and three dogs. She enjoys living
with them, and they help her learn more about
the language and culture much faster. Living
with them has been such a wonderful experi-
ence she considers them her second family.
“My host mom and dad are like my second par-
ents, and their children are my new sisters and
brother. I will always be grateful for their love
and generosity,” Nina said.
Once the school year is over, she is go-
ing back to Norway to be with her friends and
family. She is looking forward to going home to
share all of her wonderful, different, and unique
experiences she’s enjoyed as being a part of
Judson Pride. Something she’ll take back with
her and remember for a lifetime.
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