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Lee Raspberry
with CPS Energy Officials about JISD’s Energy Plan
According to CPS Energy, Judson ISD is its best example of how organizations can reduce energy use and turn it
around to better itself. As a result, the company came to the Administrative Offices to pick the brain of Energy Man-
agement Director Lee Raspberry on how his department did it. The district is in its second year participating in what is
called the Demand Response program...a program that encourages voluntary energy reduction during the peak energy
usage time in the summer. Demand Response has been around for several years on a residential basis, but the compa-
ny is seeing that huge cuts in power use can be realized at the com-
pany, multi-building level too. In fact, Judson ISD is being used as
a case study for companies and school districts to follow so they
can see major conservation savings.
When the school district first participated in the program in the
summer of 2013,” Raspberry said, “four schools were involved,
this year seven more were added making a total of 11 campuses.”
When the first year was completed, the district collected an incen-
tive check from CPS Energy for $45,540 which the district turned
around and invested into more energy efficient energy upgrades.
Raspberry explained, “those upgrades were projects such as a light-
ing replacements at Judson Middle School and the retro-fitting of
lighting fixtures in six school gymnasiums.” Again, all paid for
with energy savings from the first Demand Response incentive
The summer of 2014 the district's goal was to reduce power load by 2,340 kilowatts...that's enough electricity to pow-
er 65 homes for a day. So far, with the D.R. program coming to it's seasonal end the last day of August, the district is
looking at roughly $109,000 in incentives back from CPS Energy. Those dollars will be reinvested in renewable ener-
gy and conservation projects. Much of it will
be tied to instructional or curriculum efforts
teaching students.
Lee Raspberry is seen here last year with Executive
Director of Operations Daniel Kershner and JISD Board
Member Gilbert Flores as CPS Energy Officials present
the district with an incentive rebate check worth more
than $45,000. The next check is expected to be worth
more than $100,000.
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