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Dr. Carl Montoya, JISD

I have only been the JISD Superinten-

dent since March, but I already see some

great things going on in this district…

especially in the classrooms. Here we are on

the threshold of a new school year and I am

excited to see how it will unfold as well as

experiencing the JISD tradition, pride and ac-

ademic excellence that is its trademark.

When you put that together with the most re-

cent accomplishments, we are going in the

right direction.

The most recent academic assessment

results show that Judson ISD has continued

to improve on the number of students meet-

ing/exceeding the state standard in 11 subject

areas. Our students continue to put academic

distance between themselves and the state

passing average by increasing that lead over

last year in 7 areas. That included 6





grade reading, 8


grade science, English I,

Biology and U.S. History. The biggest im-

provement is 7


grade writing where the

passing percentage increased an impressive

10 percent.

Another exciting development in Jud-

son ISD of course is how the new high

school is coming along, now about 65 per-

cent of the opening phase complete. All

foundations for the campus buildings have

been poured and most of the utility lines for

water and electricity have been established

with the heating and cooling systems now on

site to be installed.

As you may already know, the school’s

colors are red, white and blue and we are

now getting input from the community on

what the school’s name should be. The board

will determine the name from the most popu-

lar suggestions. From there, Principal Christi-

na Clark will work with her school communi-

ty and students in determining the school

mascot. All this should be settled by the start

of school this year.

When the school opens up to the initial

1,600 students (9




grades) in August of

2016, we’ll

have a great

school that will

offer a similar

range of pro-

grams and activ-

ities as the other

two comprehen-

sive high

schools in the

district. The ma-

jor differences

will be the magnet schools. The new high

school will house print shop and cosmetolo-

gy programs that will emphasize a very

hands-on approach


A third magnet school

focus is also being considered. While this

new school will open with most of the facili-

ties and offerings that you would expect,

there will still be some needs to establish eq-

uity with the other high schools that we hope

JISD community voters will support in the

near future.

Board members touring construction of

new high school on Evans Rd.