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The 2015-2016

JISD Instructional


is approved

and available for you to down-

load and use for planning.

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Going Back To

School The

Right Way

Hopefully, the summer has been a fun and

recharging time for you and your family. With

the school year right around the corner, there is

some important information that will be helpful

to you and your student as they begin the year.

First of all, the student dress code has been

out since mid-summer so that parents can have

plenty of time to know what clothing to buy early

or spread it out over a period of weeks. Either

way we want you and your student to be ready for

it. There are no major changes, however it’s a

good idea to look it over to see what’s new and

what stays the same so everyone is on the same

page. Click on the following link to take a look

at the


Next, are your student’s school supplies.

While there is a general district supply list, many

schools put out their supply list specific to their

campus. It varies a bit among the elementary

schools as well as the middle schools. So check

that out to make sure your child has everything

they need to start class the right way. Click here

for the


It’s our hope also that your child is up to

date on their shots. JISD has hosted several shot

clinics during the summer and there may be more

to come. If more are scheduled, we will let you

know through the district website

( )

, an email, text or social me-

dia. There are also some ways to get those shots

done through San Antonio Metro Health. Click

below to see where and when they are.


If your child rides the bus and you’re not sure

when it will come by your house for pickup and

drop-off, then we’ve got the answer. When you

click on the


ink, simply

put in your address and you’ll find out.