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She has been a teacher in other school districts and

she says they wouldn’t let her teach music the way she

does it. Bonnie Anderson’s style of teaching music al-

lows kids of all ages and abilities to participate in musi-

cal performance.

That is one of the reasons she got the attention of the

Grammy Foundation. When you get kids with such a

wide range of abilities and interests to be not only en-

gaged but excited in music and playing an instrument,

you’re doing something right. She was named one of

the 10 best music educators in the country. Bonnie was

paid a visit by the Grammy Foundation at her school,

Coronado Village Elementary school recently to recog-

nize her and present her with a $1,000 check for her

level of excellence.

The ceremony included a great performance by one of

her marimba groups and individual students stood be-

fore the crowd to tell them how Bonnie’s way of inspir-

ing them in music impacted them and what it meant to

be in her class. She is a treasure in the district and we

thank her for her hard work.


Looking For A Great

Sports Camp?

Judson ISD has a great tradition of terrific student ath-

letes. One of the reasons is the commitment that stu-

dents make to what they do in and outside the class-

room. Even the summer offers opportunities for these

students to improve their physical performance in

hopes of getting that starting position or maybe schol-

arship interest later down the road. Sometimes, it’s

just to enjoy the sport they love. Whatever the reason,

below is a link to some of the more popular sports

camps in JISD. Enjoy!

JISD Summer Sports Camps

Bonnie Anderson:

Grammy Foundation Says She’s

One Of The Best In The Nation