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JISD Communication

Is Key To Right Direction

Communication is an important part of the success of

any organization, but it is priority and even critical as it

relates to a school district and its elected board. The

Judson ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent both

want all JISD staff and community to know that when

they have an issue needing to be addressed, they should

feel free to communicate it to their supervisor in an

open or confidential and objective atmosphere without

fear of retaliation. If it cannot be resolved at the campus

level, then they are advised to bring it to the district lev-

el. That would include any department head or even the

Superintendent of Schools.

And as our Board Policy explains, employees are free

to talk to any board member unless the discussion deals

with a pending hearing or appeal. Staff should feel free

and comfortable to contact the JISD Superintendent as

well. Communication is vital to the growth and pursuit

of excellence in JISD, but that must happen in a climate

of trust, respect and openness towards all people in-

volved. Board Policy states “Neither the Board nor any

District employee shall unlawfully retaliate against an

employee for bringing a concern or complaint.” DGBA


Another great way to express your concerns and even

ideas is the district’s two-way communication tool Let’s

Talk. It only takes a minute…it can be anonymous, but

if you provide contact information, the response you get

comes from the exact person who can best address your

issue. Still another way to report concerns is through

the “Report It” button at the bottom of the JISD

Homepage where you can remain anonymous.

Turkey Shortage Calls For “Can Do” Plan

By Kyla Mora

When you think of flu season, you might think of

booster shots and Kleenex boxes. You probably don’t

think about turkeys. But this year, after bird flu caused

a turkey shortage, Judson ISD food services admin-

istration had to think long and hard about them -- spe-

cifically, what to do without them.

“It was first discussed earlier this year in conjunction

with an outbreak of Avian flu,” director of Child Nutri-

tion Robert Jones said. “JISD’s food vendors began

contacting Child Nutrition Services stating that certain

manufacturers would be limiting the amount of turkey

districts could order this school year due to a shortage

of product.”

That shortage was a problem that needed to be solved

in time for the Thanksgiving Community Feast on No-

vember 21.

“Discussions began immediately about the possibility

of a shortage of turkey for the Feast. Child Nutrition

Services and the Judson Education Foundation began

discussions about how we would best address this is-

sue,” Jones said.

With turkey out of the question, Jones said, they went

for the next best thing. “A decision was made that we

would offer an additional entrée item geared towards

younger guests -- chicken nuggets -- in hopes of ex-

tending our entrée selections and amounts.”

“When we promote the event, we believe that many

parents will have a positive reaction to our proactive

approach of having chicken nuggets, which is one of

our most popular lunch foods as an option for our

younger guests,” JEF Executive Director Yvette Reyna

said. “The majority of families will still be able to en-

joy a delicious turkey, ham and healthy side dish meal

prepared by our JISD Child Nutrition staff with assis-

tance from our Wagner culinary arts students.”

The feast has been held alternately at Judson and Wag-

ner cafeterias since 2009, with the first feast holding

1,700 people, and now holding an average of 2,000.

Reyna hopes that this year, community

families will be just as thankful for a

successful feast as they

have always been -- even

with a little chicken.