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Teresa Pena is one of the reasons Judson ISD is pro-

ducing excellence in so many ways. She was selected

as the JISD Distinguished Educator of the Year recent-

ly and has now been honored by KENS5 with the Ex-

CEL Award for the quality of instruction she gives her

students each day. The TV crew came out and shot

video of Ms. Pena in action with her students, inter-

viewed her and even talked with some of her students

to get their perspective of why she is so good. She al-

so received a check from San Antonio Credit Union

for $1,000. We congratulate her for this achieve-

ment. The story about her and her work at the Judson

Secondary Alternative School campus aired in March

on KENS 5. If you missed it, just click the link below


Teresa Pena: JISD’s Teacher of Year

“Leadership: Access Granted”

Lessons in Doing Business

By Kyla Mora (Faculty Wagner HS)

Wagner students recently got a taste of the finer

things in life, as part of their training through the new

campus organization "Leadership: Access Grant-

ed." It focuses on motivating students, with the goal

of exposing them to experiences and opportunities

that will help them beyond high school. Students get

training in social skills, soft skills,

assistance on college applications,

and mentorships from some of the

city’s most prominent leaders in

their fields.

The idea for the organization came from assistant

principal Andrea Johnson, who focused on two major

question: "How do we help students get to college

and become productive polished members of society?

Joining Access Granted pushes students into a chal-

lenging college-like environment from the beginning.

In order to join, for example, potential applicants at-

tended an interest meeting where information was

handed out and the basic goals of the program ex-

plained. Once an application was submitted, students

were interviewed, where they had to present what

they would bring to the program if accepted. Once

through the selection process, the induction cere-

mony was held where members are presented with a

materials to keep track of everything they do in the


The program currently covers 15 students, although

Johnson has plans to expand the group in the future.

The field trip was the first of many activities to come.

Students took a historic boat ride down the San Anto-

nio River and visited the Alamo with the goal of

learning more about the history of the city, and its

economy. Then students had dinner at Fogo de Chao,

which wasn't just picked for the quality of the food.


One of the reasons we went to a fancy restaurant is

that most business deals are completed over dinner, so

they wanted us to learn etiquette, what to do, what not

to do at a restaurant," senior Ted Za-

mora said. " We took an etiquette

class beforehand, so at the restaurant

we were calling each other out, what

we did wrong, what we needed to do

to improve. It was a cool learning ex-


" We took an etiquette class be-

forehand, so at the restaurant we

were calling each other out.”

Wagner Senior Ted Zamora