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The Judson ISD Arts program
continues to stand out.
Congratulations to Judson ISD’s
band students of Metzger, Kitty
Hawk, Judson, Kirby, and
Woodlake Hills Middle Schools for
making the All-Region Band. The
students auditioned at Driscoll
Middle School, and out of 1,300
students that competed, many of
Judson ISD’s students placed. A
special thanks goes to JISD’s Middle
School Band Directors John
Robertson and Steven Rosario
(Metzger), Lacy Lansford and Jeremiah Brunney (Kitty Hawk), Ruben Escamilla and
Alan Greulich (Judson), Marie Cyr and Shelly Ascolese (Kirby), and Walt Sparkman
and Katrina Joyner (Woodlake Hills). Below are the students who made it
Christian York – Judson
Angelimar Carrion Quiros – Metzger
Kayleigh Wilson – Judson
Michael Chapa – Metzger
Pearl Fernandez – Kitty Hawk
Jennifer Gutierrez – Kitty Hawk
Amanda Joya – Metzger
Gisel Dixon – Metzger
Joe Paul Alejandro– Kitty Hawk
Megan Lambert – Judson
Stephanie Patterson – Judson
Arlayah Alderete – Kirby
Jocelyn Yglesias – Kirby
Sierra Townsend – Judson
Bass Clarinet:
Tia King – Metzger
Alto Saxophone:
Ricardo Villa – Woodlake Hills
Rene Hernandez – Judson
Tenor Saxophone:
Maya Taylor – Judson
Baritone Saxophone:
Christian Vela – Metzger
Noah Santiago – Kitty Hawk
Ricardo Rodriguez – Metzger
Edgar Meza – Metzger
French Horn:
Elisama Rodriguez Aguilera – Metzger
Aaron Voyce – Metzger
Markus Reyes – Kirby
Isabella Park-Roberts – Kirby
Madison Emler – Kitty Hawk
Heidi Neighbours-Kitty Hawk
Trayton Monju – Metzger
Jhymyron Linton – Judson
Tre Brooks – Judson
Jose Perez Barrios – Metzger
Robert Garcia – Kitty Hawk
Daniel Chavez – Judson
Braedon Jones – Kitty Hawk
Michael Patlan – Metzger
Lorenzo Flores – Metzger
Jake Fricke – Judson
Mark Trevino – Metzger Brennen
Turner – Kitty Hawk
Alex Gutierrez- Kitty Hawk
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