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JISD’s IB Program Revitalized
What would it be
like… graduating
from high school
with a distinguished
level diploma and
the inside track to
thousands of
colleges and
universities around the world?
Students are rediscovering the
advantages of an International Baccalaureate diploma and what it means after
graduation. The IB Program has been an intense curriculum choice at Judson High
School since 1986 with varying levels of student interest. But as the program has been
retooled and refocused recently, its seen a remarkable resurgence of participation.
The International Baccalaureate Program is an advanced curriculum that began in 1968
and now spans ages 3-19. Judson ISD’s version of IB focuses on the high school level
and features an academic plan that is more rigorous and yet provides ways of
developing a more well-rounded student. This is a accomplished through service
projects that teach more outward thinking. The day
the Judson Journal visited the IB classroom at Judson
High School, students were in the middle of what
was called “Operation Christmas Child.” There
were several projects going on in the
classroom…from one group working on flyers that
will be used for marketing purposes, another taping
Christmas wrapping paper on to what will be gift
donation boxes while another works on posters that
will encourage everyone at the school to donate toys,
gifts and even school supplies to kids that don’t have them.
Students wrapping for Operation
Christmas Child
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