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“It’s not just reaching people that are in San Antonio,” according to Judson Junior
Rebeka Hernandez, “it’s going all around the world.” During their junior and senior
years, IB students are expected to finish 150 hours of community service. They choose
the projects they want to be involved in, plan them and run them. According to IB
Coordinator Thomas Hiner it not only makes for a more balanced student, but it
provides great leadership opportunities.
While the service projects are an important element to form the total IB student, don’t
think that academics is secondary…it’s not. The coursework in the IB program is
uniform with all other IB sites across the globe with intensity at the pre-college and
college level. The diploma plan infuses a cross section of standard level and higher
level studies in mathematics, languages as
well as sciences and cultural studies that
build a better understanding of other
regions of the world and puts our way of life
in perspective. Students that graduate with
an International Baccalaureate diploma will
typically get 24 college semester hours credit
and because the IB curriculum requirements
are uniform globally it is accepted by most
colleges and universities worldwide. It’s a
unique academic plan that approaches the
student from a different angle. Rebecca Fontenot,
also a junior at Judson put it this way. “We are
learning in a way that suits the students rather
than a way that suits the school.”
Currently the IB program at Judson High School
has 55 juniors and seniors participating, but a
scaled down version of it is also available to
freshmen and sophomores. The underclassmen
level allows younger students to get their feet wet
to the intensity of the coursework and provides a
ramping up process to the full fledge IB
Student service projects foster a mindset of
outward thinking
Judson's IB Program has even garnered media
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