Students of the Month - page 18

Wagner Student Debuts In
Professional Show
Fashion student Evan Manikham,
a senior at Wagner High School, is making a
name for himself and achieving a first for his
school. He is the first Wagner student to
debut in a professional fashion show. He
took his work to the San Antonio Fashion
Week in the Avant Garde Going Green
Gown Exhibition. He created a wonderful
garment shown here being worn by his
model Sydney.
A Garden In The Winter? That’s Right, At Woodlake ES
Judson ISD commends the
work of Woodlake Elementary
teacher Carole Rylander. She
assisted students in starting a
winter garden. The garden
allows students to explore
science and math concepts in a
hands-on fashion. Ms.
Rylander has also incorporated
journaling about the gardening
project. It used math and
science concepts of estimation,
measurement and record
keeping into a practical
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