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Star Students Producing Excellence
She came to Crestview Elementary in third grade from Ramstein
Elementary in Germany. Lizzie has earned “A’s” and “E’s” on her report
card throughout her elementary years. She is also in the gifted and talented
program. Miss Lile participates in numerous extra-curricular activities. She
is the president of the Crestview Elementary Student Council. Lizzie is also
in the Science Club, Four Square Club, Choir and the Drum Line. Her favorite
subject in school is math because she loves to solve problems. In her free
time, she likes to go on Camp Field Trips to Honey Creek. When she grows
up, Lizzie plans to study acting and singing and hopes to one day entertain
audiences all over the world.
Gia McDonough
is Kitty Hawk’s Student of the Month.
When 6
grade teachers at
Kitty Hawk Middle School
think about a
student that is continually hard working, happy and determined, they
think of Gia McDonough. She is a driven student that continuously
does her very best on all her assignments. English is Gia’s second
language, and despite her challenges with the language, she perseveres
and successfully overcomes that obstacle on a daily basis. She displays
a great enthusiasm for learning and it shows in her eager
participation in classroom discussion, activities and willingness to
help others.
Christian Cortez
is a 19 year old student at
. He is credits
away from achieving high school diploma. Upon graduation,
Christian aspires to serve his country by enlisting in the military.
He has experienced difficulty with the traditional high school
environment, but he has found JEHS to be a place that he can
grow and excel. Christian's story is one of valor and courage.
He has experienced many difficult situations in his life, but has
overcome them by returning to school. Despite the odds,
Christian chooses to remain committed to doing well in school.
Christian feels that Judson Evening High School provides an
environment where he can focus and be successful.
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