Judson ISD

New visitor management system on tap April 16

Discipline, dress code focus begins May 5

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Campus safety and discipline priorities in May

by Dr. Willis Mackey, Judson ISD Superintendent of Schools

Beginning April 16, JISD will implement an ambitious procedure to help ensure safety at all of our campuses.

The program is a visitor management system designed to enhance school security by scanning visitor identification, comparing information to a sex offender database, and printing a visitor badge complete with a photo for parents and volunteers who are cleared.

The system, called VSoft, provides a consistent way for campus personnel to track visitors and volunteers while denying access to those who present potential danger to students and staff.

Information is scanned from state and military IDs and compared to a nationwide registered sex offender database. If a match is found, campus administrators will take appropriate steps to ensure campus safety.

Visitors who are cleared will receive a printed visitor badge that includes a photograph of the visitor, the visitors' name, plus time and date.

In order for this system to work properly, we will need the assistance and cooperation from our student's parents and guardians, especially during drop off and pick up time before and after school. Rather than walking students to class at the beginning of the school day, parents will be asked to utilize designated pick up and drop off points.

If a parent must enter the campus for any reason during the school day, he/she must have an ID scanned and wear a printed badge.

While we realize that initially the system may inconvenience some of our parents and volunteers, we are confident that the increase in school safety measures will be applauded by all those who visit our Judson ISD campuses.

Dress code, discipline

As the school year winds down, our responsibility to children, as educators, does not diminish.

I have communicated with our campus administrators and teachers the importance of maintaining sound learning environments and that the practice of teaching from bell to bell will continue.

Beginning May 5, we will begin to strictly enforce policies regarding student expectation and discipline as outlined in the 2007-2008 Student Handbook.

The reasoning behind this is two-fold. While our students have worked hard this year, I do not want our students to forget that they are attending Judson ISD schools to receive an education.

Secondly, by reinforcing student conduct expectations during the last month of school, we are preparing our students to adhere to codes of conduct when the 2008-2009 school year begins in August.

Examples of what our campus administrators and teachers will expect student compliance include:

  • Dress Code-please be aware that shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be worn out. No baggy or sagging oversized clothing with oversized pockets is allowed.
  • Cell phones-while students may possess cell phones on campus, phones must be concealed and turned off during the instructional day. Text messages may not be transmitted during this time.
  • Prohibited items-students are not allowed to possess items such as radios, Ipods, CD players, cameras, electronic devices, or electronic games at school.

Also on May 5 our secondary students (grades 6-12) will be expected to wear visible student identification tags while on campus. This measure will allow our campus staff to ensure that those students who are on campus belong on campus.

Thank you for your continued support of Judson ISD schools.