Jun 13 2012

Mashable - Apps Used To Take Stand Against Bullies

Mashable published a nice story on schools and students using apps to report bullies.  The article featured a great app by Tim Porter, Stop Bullies, and mentions our team's fantastic Judson ISD Connect! app.  It also features a great classroom project where students created their own anti-bullying app.

The story is available on Mashable at http://mashable.com/2012/06/11/bullying-apps/

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May 4 2012

Judson ISD Technology Services May 2012 Uplink Newsletter Published

Judson ISD's May 2012 Technology Services' Uplink newsletter has been published at http://www.judsonisd.org/district/technology/newsletters/JudsonISDTechnologyServicesUPLINKNewsletterMay2012.cfm

UPLINK :: Technology Services Newsletter

There are many informative articles, including: Windows 7 upgrades, Improving Email Services, iPad Apps for Productivity Enhancement, Using Twitter to Create a Personal Learning Network, and more!.  So please take a few minutes and get updated on technology at Judson ISD by reading our May 2012 newsletter.

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May 2 2012

Judson ISD Connect! App named App of the Month by Conduit Mobile

Our Judson ISD Connect! app today was named the May 2012 app of the month by Conduit Mobile.  At the same time we are proud to announce a major upgrade of the app with addition of Parent Center mobile, which adds grades, attendance, and more for both student and parent viewing.

The full blog post on the app of the month is available here on the Conduit Blog.

Blog on Conduit Mobile awarding Judson ISD Connect! as May 2012 app of the month

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Apr 9 2012

Don't be a Phisherman! Creative Spoofed URLs Meant to Lure Unsuspecting Twitter Users

I received a Direct Message on Twitter that had a shortened URL, which redirected to ltvvitter.com which at first glance looks like the URL for Twitter and would probably fools lots of people into coughing up their Twitter credentials.  If someone was in a hurry or just not paying attention, they might easily fall prey to this scam.  The message the URL was sent with was meant to get people to click to find out more; The message said "Hey someone is posting terrible things about you...", then linked to the phishing fake Twitter site.


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Mar 26 2012

iPad Productivity Apps (for Principals & Administrators)

I am going to be training our principals (and other administrators) on productivity apps for better utilizing their iPads.  I have talked with several people, who have given some great ideas and many people across the state have contributed ideas through the TECSIG email list.

Click here is the list of iPad apps for productivity (this list would probably work for more than just educators) downloadable as a PDF.


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Mar 23 2012

Tech & Learning Magazine - How We Developed A Mobile App for Our School District â?? You Can Do It Too

Tech & Learning magazine published my article on how we developed our Judson ISD Connect! mobile app for iOS and Android.

The article cover how we used Conduit Mobile to easily create a published app for our community.  The article is more in depth than the prior CTO Technotes blog entry.

The T&L article is available on their site at: http://www.techlearning.com/Default.aspx?tabid=67&EntryId=4041

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Mar 22 2012

Judson ISD Featured in Cover Story of THE Journal with feature on "Ease the Budget Burden"

Returning from Spring Break, I was surprised with the latest issue of THEJournal, which featured Judson ISD in its cover story "Ease the Budget Burden..and Regain Control of IT Costs."

While we are far from the only district with great ideas and keeping costs under control and/or cutting them, it is nice to see our great Technology Services' team get some press for some of the things we are doing.

There are many great ideas from several districts featured in the article, which is available on THE Journal's web site at http://thejournal.com/research/2012/02/digital-edition_febmar/asset.aspx?tc=assetpg

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