Visitor Identification Systems to Help Secure Judson ISD Campuses

Security has become a major concern for many organizations.  Public buildings, corporate offices, military bases, and many others are in need of effective visitor management systems.  Large amounts of money have been spent on camera surveillance systems and access control systems but if visitors are not identified and managed, there may be a vulnerable gap in security.

Visitors entering a public school need to be monitored and as such, many schools keep a register or a book (“Visitor Book” or “Visitor Log”) in which a visitor will scribble his/her details.  A temporary badge or sticker is then given to the visitor to wear.  Background information on the visitor is usually not known.  If it becomes necessary to view past details/visits, it can become time consuming and unreliable when depending on manual means to find the information.

A Visitor ID System is useful to help identify strangers and keep track of visitors in your facility.  When a visitor enters a facility, they are usually directed to the office to sign a “Visitors Log”.  In the near future at Judson ISD, the visitor will provide an ID, which will be scanned and run against a national database of sex offenders. A positive match will alert school personnel. If there is no match, a badge including picture will be printed out for the visitor to wear until departure.

Technology Services has been searching for a viable solution to the problem of visitor management in our schools.  After running test pilots in one school on multiple systems we have concluded that V-Soft by Raptorware is the best and most reliable system for the safety of our students and the security of our facilities.

V-Soft is a web-based software application that aids educational facilities in tracking their visitors, students, faculty and volunteers to help control campus security.  Multiple alert features help share information between administrators and school law enforcement. 

Alerts include:

  • Sex Offender Alerts
  • Private Alerts (Custody orders, restraining orders, banned individuals)
  • Tardy Student Alerts (Specified number of tardies, detention)

Badge Printing Capabilities:

  • Visitor badges
  • Volunteer badges
  • Student tardy passes
  • Student detention slips

History and Reporting Options:

  • Visitors in and out
  • Students in (arriving late)/out (leaving early)
  • Faculty in and out
  • Volunteers in and out
  • Date Range
  • Time Range

In the near future, campuses will be contacted to schedule the installation and training of this system.


Bond Funds and Teacher Initiative Provide for Quantum Leap

With the implementation of the 2006 Bond, Judson ISD takes a quantum leap in technology compared to neighboring districts.  The Year 1 Bond Deployment is quickly approaching completion for the first round of schools which included Candlewood, Coronado Village, Franz, Kitty Hawk, Olympia, Paschall, Spring Meadows, Woodlake and Woodlake Hills.  In the bond deployment, all computers were replaced and installed with Office 2007.  Teachers from these campuses attended training on three applications:  Word 2007, Outlook 2007, and PowerPoint 2007.  As teachers completed the training, they were expected to take proficiencies on these three applications.  In order to show proficiency, teachers had to pass the practica with a minimum score of 85%.  Teachers were given the opportunity to earn an Xtenda system upon successful completion of the three practica.  The Xtenda system is comprised of three Xtenda units with keyboards, monitors, and mice that connect to a host computer to create a 4-station learning center.  The Xtenda systems were ordered in December and are currently being deployed to the campuses with an expected date of completion, at end of February.  We are very excited to announce that out of 434 eligible teachers, 383 teachers are receiving this wonderful bonus for the students of JISD!  The Year 1 Bond Deployment schools will begin their 2nd year proficiencies to include Internet, Inspiration 8, and Publisher 2007.  Campus Instructional Technologists will be working with the campuses to schedule summer camps to provide training on these applications.

In conjunction with the Year 1 Bond Deployment, the Technology Services Department is preparing the Year 2 Bond Deployment schools for their implementation.  The Year 2 Bond Deployment schools include Crestview, Elolf, Hartman, Hopkins, Judson Learning Academy, Judson Secondary Alternative School, Kirby, Miller’s Point and Park Village.  Campus Instructional Technologists have already been moved to these campuses to assist in facilitating the deployment by assessing drops and furniture and taking an inventory of campus technology equipment.  Meetings are already underway to plan and prepare the campuses for the scheduled summer deployments. Currently, the administrators of these campuses have received their laptops and are attending training and practica sessions on the first year proficiencies. Summer technology camps have been scheduled for the Year 2 Bond Deployment schools on June 10-12, 2008 and August 12-14, 2008.  At these camps, teachers will receive training and practica sessions on the first year proficiencies.  

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