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Use it or Lose it - Protect Your Valuable Files

Think about this - all your files that are saved locally on your computer are now gone and irretrievable. What do you do?  Computer hard drives do fail occasionally or can get corrupted by viruses causing you to lose all your files. It is important to save files where they are better protected from such failures.  The H: Drive, referred to as the Home Directory, is the perfect place to save your files that you do not want deleted or lost.  The H: Drive is backed up every night on servers that have safeguards far superior to a desktop computer.  It can be found by double-clicking Computer on your desktop and selecting the drive with your username.   This is where you should save files that you want to protect from deletion.  All files located in the H: Drive has a high probability of being recovered if deleted. The H: Drive is also available to you on any computer you log into in the district and through the portal (it is under the Resources tab > My Files).  The H: Drive is an excellent resource for data protection and accessibility. Please use it, so you don’t lose it!

by J. Orona

A New & Improved Teacher Access Center

You have spoken and our software provider Sungard K12 Education has listened. Sungard will be releasing a totally revamped Teacher Access Center (TAC) in the near future.

Please click the TAC preview images to see a larger version

Teacher Access Center Image

 “Rewritten from the ground up, this all-new teacher environment features a cleaner, more attractive interface, more intuitive navigation, a faster and more robust grade book, and a focus on reducing the burden of day-to-day classroom management.” The Data Services Department will put this on the road map and plan to bring you this exciting new grade book as soon as it is released and tested. Stay tuned!

by J. Cortinas

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Pro Plus for $9.95

One of the benefits that Microsoft extends to academic institutions who participate in their educational solutions is a Home Use Program (HUP) for employees.  As a Judson ISD employee, you can now purchase a home use copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (PC) or Office 2011 (MAC).  The cost is $9.95 for a downloadable file of MS Office that can be installed on your home computer.  The office professional pro suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.  You must use your Judson ISD email account to verify program eligibility. Only one copy of Microsoft Office can be purchased per employee.  For more information about the Home Use Program and the process for purchasing your copy, log on to the My JISD Portal and look in TECH HELP under Software and Applications. Select the option Microsoft Office 2010 – Home Use Program (HUP).   You can also click here for a direct link:  https://swwiki.judsonisd.org/x/JwAvAQ


  • Verify your computer meets the hardware requirements for the software prior to installation.
  • It is recommended to access the website and download the MS Office file on the computer you intend to install the program on. 

by J. Orona

Employee Access Center - Access Check Stubbs, W-2, Leave and More!

Have you visited the Employee Access Center (EAC) lately? We encourage you to do so. The EAC is easily accessible through the MyJISD portal. Once you navigate to the application you will find information such as salary and benefits, demographic, tax, and education-certification information as well as the place to obtain past check stubs and W2’s. Demographic information, such as cell phone, home phone, home address and home email addresses can be updated by you. Current information is beneficial in cases of an emergency. The district will have more avenues to communicate emergency information to you. Please come back often to see what new and improved features become available.

by J. Cortinas

Staying Secure in an Online World

Security and technology require vigilance. Technology is a great asset to both our daily work and personal lives. With this technology we open new doors that enable our personal security to be compromised.  We must protect ourselves from new technology threats that no longer have to be physically attacking our safety, but rather remotely. Following the helpful tips below are just a few of the ways we can protect ourselves online:

  • Web browsing
    • Don’t click on links within pop-up windows
    • Run a virus scan on any software or documents downloaded from the Internet
    • When accessing banking websites ensure the address shows https as this ensure your web browsing is secure
  • Email
    • Some messages have the following characteristics
      • It suggests tragic consequences for not performing some action
      • It promises money or gift certificates for performing some action
      • It offers instructions or attachments claiming to protect you from a virus that is undetected by anti-virus software
      • There are multiple spelling or grammatical errors
  • Personal
    • Never share your password
    • Never login with your JISD credentials to a non-JISD site
    • Never send personal information such as social security numbers via email or a web page unless the source is encrypted
    • Less is more when providing personal information over the phone
    • Lock your computer or logoff if you step away
    • Don’t allow unauthorized people to use a computer with your network account
  • References

by C. Dean

Using the Judson ISD Guest Network with Personal Devices - Log In for More Access

Here are a few tips to help you get going with the Judson ISD guest wireless network.

  • A Guest Wireless Networkis available for staff & student-owned wireless devices.
    • Staff members using the JISD Guest wireless network may occasionally see an "access is denied" message, as the guest network is filtering for students by default. If you wish to bypass this block, look for the "Currently logged in as unknown user. (Not you?)" message. Simply click the “Not you?” link and log in with your district credentials.  Once you login and are identified as a Judson ISD employee, you will be surfing under the employee filter, rather than the student filter.
    • All users of the wireless network should review the Acceptable Usage Policybefore attempting to use the wireless network. When staff and students sign the handbook annually, they are agreeing to the Acceptable Usage Policy.

Board Policy CQ (Local) now says the following: Students, employees, and guests may connect personal technology resources to the District’sguest wireless networkas set forth in administrative procedures. Connecting personal technology resources to the District’swirednetwork shall only be allowed with written permission as set forth in administrative procedures

by C. Dean


Protect Your Home Computer with Free Anti-Vrius Software from Vipre

All Judson ISD computers have antivirus software to help reduce the number of security threats and downtime caused by malware and computer viruses.  You should protect your home computers as well. As a subscribing partner with our current antivirus company, GFI extends the same antivirus software for home use for all Judson ISD employees.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to help reduce the number of malware and viruses that can be spread using portable flash drives.  In addition, the company also helps you get rid viruses on your home computer should it become infected.  This can add up to a substantial savings and less worries since you do not have to pay for this service. You can find more information and the required License Activation Key on the JISD Intranet in the Tech Help wiki under Free Antivirus Software.  To get the free virus/malware removal support you can call their consumer support at 1-877-673-1153.  

Directions for installation on your computer at home:GFI Vipre Antivirus

  1. Download the software on your home computer and select "Run" when prompted.
  2. Download VIPRE Antivirus here: http://go.sunbeltsoftware.com/?linkid=411
  3. Allow the setup wizard to run (you will be prompted for some preferred configurations).
  4. Enter the product key (located in JISD Intranet) when prompted
  5. Restart the computer

by J. Orona