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This Newsletter is Mostly a Compendium of Links to Past Newsletters' Articles which are Still Relevent to JISD Staff

iPad Apps for Productivity

Great Free Resources from TCEA 2012

Wireless - Now Distirct Wide

Top Ten Ways to Use Your Classroom Projector

Judson ISD eLearning 360 - Combining BYOD, Guest WiFi, Student Email, & Schoology

Judson ISD Email on Your Smart Phone or other Mobile Device

Teacher Access Center - Assistance is a Click Away

24/7 Online Microsoft Office 2010 Training is Available

Project Share Information

Schoology - Extending Classroom Learning in a Web 2.0 World

Microsoft Live@Edu Provides JISD Secondary Students Email, Storage, and Online Office Applications

Guidelines for Use of Electronic Media for Staff and for Staff with Student

Sticker Shock: Prolonging the lamp life of your projectors

FREE Antivirus Software For Home Use

Time Warner Cable Live TV on Your JISD Computer - Welcome JISD TV!

The Top Ten Uses for a Document Camera

Judson ISD Employee Access Center - Your Employee Information Online

Purchasing Technology

Confidentiality and the T: Drive

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Want a Judson ISD Desktop at Home, on an iPad, Android Device, or Mac?

The Judson ISD Citrix Virtual Desktop allows you to use a Windows 7 desktop from your home Mac or Windows computer, Android tablet, or iPad from home, Judson ISD Guest Judson ISD Citrix DesktopNetwork, other locations. You have full access to the Microsoft Office suite of programs, Inspiration, as well as H drives and T Drives, just like when you are at your campus. For more information visit the Judson ISD Tech Help Wiki on the Judson ISD Intranet.



What Admin Procedures Are There For Technology at Judson ISD?

All of the following Administartive procedures are available on the Judson ISD Intranet (availabel via the MyJISD Portal):

Technology Admin Procedures