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Windows 7 & Office 2010 - Coming to Your Campus in Summer 2012!

This summer Technology Services has scheduled all campus staff, teacher desktops, and labs with Windows XP  to be migrated to Windows 7.  This means a new operating system will be installed on each computer.  All programs, stored files, pictures, and videos that are stored locally on the computers will be completely deleted when the computer is imaged with the new operating system.  When faculty and staff return next year, they will experience a new look and feel that comes with Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Click HERE for the full memo on End of the Year Procedures to prepare for the Microsoft Windows 7Windows 7 migration.

What to Expect:

  • All campuses should prepare faculty and staff to remove all files needed from the local computers.  These files can be burned to CDs or they can be moved to their home directories if they have ample space in their home drives. The JISD warehouse has stocked up on 4GB flash drives in anticipation of campuses placing orders for saving additional files.
  • Information regarding backing up files will be distributed to all campus staff.
  • The H:, T:, and S: drives will not be deleted.  Only video files will be deleted from shared drives on June 25th
  • Wagner High School, Judson High School, and Rolling Meadows Elementary will only have an Office 2010 upgrade, as these campuses already have Windows 7.
  • Campuses upgrades are scheduled around summer campus initiatives.
  • Office 2010 will be loaded on each computer to replace Office 2007.
  • Student Xtenda and host computers will remain Windows XP. Pending budget approvals, these machines will be updated at a later date.
  • No JISD Departments will be upgraded this summer. The migration only applies to campuses. 
  • No laptops will be upgraded during the summer. Laptops will be scheduled at a later date.
  • Some non-standard applications will be retired as they may not be compatible with Windows 7 and/or the software is no longer supported by the Curriculum Department’s standards. A list of the approved and retired applications will be generated and shared to all campuses via Technology communications.

Remember:  It is imperative that all campus faculty and staff understand that all local files on  the computer will  be deleted.  Files will not be recoverable under no circumstance once the computer is imaged.

Be informed on the latest update! You can find more updated information and get started on the new look and feel of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 by going to the JISD Help Wiki in the Intranet.

On the JISD Intranet, search for Window 7 Upgrade or click here:   https://swwiki.judsonisd.org/x/FIDT

We look forward to work with the staff and faculty during the migration process and bringing you updated features with Windows 7 and Office 2010.

by J. Orona


Improving Email Services

Email services have many components. 

In a broad sense, the email server acts as a type of broker for sending and receiving email between recipients.  We just migrated from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 in April 2012.  Exchange 2010 provides improvements in categories such as protection and compliance, anywhere access, and flexibility and reliability.

The other part of the equation is the email client.  There are several types of email clients.

  • Outlook on your PC – currently your PC may have Outlook 2007.  It will be updated to Outlook2010 over the Summer.
  • Smart phone clients – this is specific to the mobile device operating system. Android and Apple devices have email clients for Exchange.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) – use a webpage to manage email; OWA is available through the MyJISD and was updated to OWA 2010 recently.  This is what host

OWA is considered a “slimmed-down” version of the full blown Outlook 2010 client.  With OWA 2010, Microsoft has progressed even further with expanded functionality.  Below are several great new features in OWA 2010 that are already available to you in the MyJISD Portal: 

  • Conversation view – provides a threaded view of related messages
  • Ignore option – if you are member of a mailing list and want to selectively not receive messages
  • Forward as an attachment – handy when wanting to send some content that will not be immediately opened
  • Delivery report – provides a way to see when emails were sent and also delivered to recipients
  • Premium experience without IE – in past versions OWA did not always work correctly with other browsers.  Now the OWA provides the premium experience on a variety of popular web browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
  • Open multiple mailboxes – in previous versions this was not possible, but this now works in OWA 2010.
  • Side-by-side calendars – Now shared public calendars can be opened alongside your personal calendar.

View more information about Outlook2010.

by P. Johnson


iPad Apps for Productivity Enhancement

The following list of apps was designed as an advisory list for administrators who want to better utilize their iPads, but these apps should be useful for everyone. Additionally, many of these apps are also available for iPhones and Android, so this list should also be useful for smart phones users. After talking with many people, who have given some great app ideas from across the state, this list was developed and is being continually updated. So far, here is the list of iPad apps for productivity:

Stock iPad Apps


Web Browser

Included with iPad


Syncs with Exchange (Outlook)

Included with iPad


Syncs with Exchange (Outlook)

Included with iPad


Syncs with Exchange (Outlook)

Included with iPad


Takes pictures

Included with iPad


Email, tweet, your photos..

Included with iPad


Real time video conference with other iOS users

Included with iPad

Notetaking Apps


The e-filing cabinet of choice – use as your memory. Stores emails, text notes & audio. Syncs across many devices and web. Great search!



Any easy to use simple text, written, audio and photo note app – email or PDF notes



PDF annotation and reader software - complex


PDF Expert

Simple PDF annotation with WiFi transfer and Box support


Audio Memos Free

Voice recorder, email up to 3mb files, WiFi download


Dragon Dictation

Voice to text transcriptions


Office Apps

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Apple’s GREAT office apps for Word Processing, spreadsheet, and presentations. These are the apps to use if using iPad for content creation.

$9.99 each

QuickOffice Pro

All in one office suite – edits Microsoft Office docs and syncs with Box.net and WiFi file transfer. This more affordable suite is geared towards just editing.



Cloud-Based MS Office with Boxsynchronization


Digits Calculator

Great desktop calc with editable,comment-ableeTape that can be emailed



Great dictionary and thesaurus


Book  Apps

iBooks, Nook & Kindle

eBooks from the big three.


News Apps


Incredible customizable news aggregator



Another great customizable new aggregator


Texas Tribune

Stay on top of Texas news and the legislature


Other Useful Apps


App to synchronize files to the cloud and web browser.  Can sync file between PC and iPad



Get a JISD Windows desktop and use MS Office,  access your H and T drives, etc



Great social networking tool to expand your PLN



Easy mind mapping with Image & PDF export, Box, and WiFi sync



Simple annotation app – take a photo and mark up ideas and notes (syncs to Evernote)


Explain Everything

Annotate and narrate on screen then export video – great way to narrate presentations then share


by S. Young



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