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End of year Technology Procedures for Campus Staff

In an effort to ensure improved service and accountability for all technology equipment, the Technology Services Department has designed an end-of-year standard procedure for campus technology equipment. Your compliance in completing these procedures will assist in alleviating any future problems and increase the effectiveness in repairing and tracking equipment. Please be aware that it is vital to the safety of your data files to read and follow the procedures.

The full procedures are available for printing here.

by J. Orona

The Top Ten Uses for a Document Camera

The famous overhead projector that has been used in classrooms for the past several decades is now becoming obsolete. Many JISD campuses are increasingly equipped with document cameras. Document cameras add a whole new dimension to teaching. They are often described as high resolution webcams. Some of the most common document camera uses are displaying  items in written form and displaying two or three-dimensional objects that all students can see. The document camera can be used in many more ways than that. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination! Elmo Document Camera

The Top Ten Uses:

10. Anything you would have put in a poster (words to a seasonal song, poems) can now be the size of a regular sheet of paper. Place the paper under the document camera and viola! For a fraction of the cost you have a poster that doesn’t have to stay on your wall!

9. A mini thematic word wall – easily create word walls for different units. You could even let it shine on the wall during center time!

8. Collections – place a collection of items under the camera and let the students choose which item doesn’t belong.

7. Make a new rule that all “show and tell’ items must fit under the document camera! Everyone will be able to see the items easily!

6. Easily zoom in on coins and bills. Students can see details on individual coins.

5. Have a book you wish you owned in a big book format? Any book can easily be shown on the wall to become an instant ‘Big Book.’

4. Art teachers can show different fabrics, projects and methods in a large enough format for their entire class to be able to see. They can also work with the kids to create scenery for plays or reader’s theater.Hopkins ES Science Using Document Camera

3. Correct a reading passage, test or homework paper for the entire class to see. (make sure to respect a student’s privacy)

2. Science – experiments and animal dissection can now easily be viewed by the entire class.

And the number one thing to do with the Document Camera:

  1. Have students USE it!

This fabulous piece of equipment can change the way you teach and the way students learn. It will take some time to work with it as seamlessly as you currently do your overhead, but if you take the time you will reap the rewards!


For help integrating these ideas into your class, contact your Technology Specialist / CIT.

by S. Fisher