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Teacher Access Center to Replace GradeSpeed Next School Year

Judson ISD has begun the process of replacing GradeSpeed with Teacher Access Center (TAC) for grades Pre-K to 12 for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year.  Teacher Access Center is a new full featured web based grade book application that is part of our student information system. It offers a login through the MyJISD portal for teachers and administrators.  This move is being made to save District funds and to facilitate transfer of data to our student information system.Teacher Access Center coming to Judson ISD

Teacher Access Center is a powerful browser-based gradebook.  Teachers and Administrators have the ability to review and record information through Grading, Attendance, Student Success Plan, and Configuration areas. Teacher Access Center also supplies a student summary page where users can view student registration, attendance, grading, scheduling and testing information.

The transition has already begun; several campuses are currently participating in a pilot program to help facilitate the development of training materials and setup of the system.  Hopefully this will allow the fall trainings and roll out of Teacher Access Center to be as smooth as possible.

Professional Development and Instructional Technology will be coordinating trainings aimed at getting counselors, teachers and administrators trained in the system.   A newly created JumpStart manual will also be published for quick reference.  Training will be offered at campuses by campus trainers on professional development days when teachers return from summer break.

by D. Stephens

Schoology - Extending Classroom Learning in a Web 2.0 World


Judson ISD is excited to introduce a new learning tool for students and teachers that looks and acts much like a familiar social network. Schoology is available today to secondary staff & students via the MyJISD Portal. YES! the MyJISD Portal is open for students now. Accounts are automatically created for both staff & students - and there is never a user name or password to remember!

Schoology has a lot of features and you can pick and choose what you and your students use. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Class Profiles/Webpages
  • Create Assignments & Events
  • Online Dropboxes
  • Track Student Usage & Course Analytics
  • Cross-School Networking
  • Group Workspaces for Departments, Clubs, Teams, & More
  • Blogs & Profile Pages
  • Personal File Storage / Bookmarking
  • School, Course, Group & Personal Calendars

Given Schoology's simple design and easy to use interface, most users will find they can learn to use it by just taking it for a test drive. A nice introduction to the system's features, look and feel is available here. Get started in Schoology now by going to the MyJISD portal.

While Schoology is only available for 2011-2012 for secondary students, we will be piloting it at the elementary level to see if it is a good fit for elementary students for future implementation.

by S. Young

Microsoft Live@Edu Provides JISD Secondary Students Email, Storage, and Online Office Applications

As we move towards increased digital learning and online coursework, students and staff need new digital tools. Judson ISD is proud to announce the release of Microsoft Live@Edu for Judson ISD secondary students for the 2011-2012 school year. Live@Edu provides secondary students with a @live.judsonisd.org email address with a full online Outlook interface, integrated address book, and calendar. Add in a generous amount ( 25 gigabytes ) of Skydrive online storage and access to a full suite of online Office Web Applications and students will have a broad set of tools to help them both in and out of the classroom.

Live@Edu will be available in the MyJISD portal for secondary students. Just like Schoology, there is no additional user name or password to remember with this service! Click on a graphic below for additional information.

Microsoft Outlook Live

Windows Live SkyDrive

Office Web Apps

by S. Young