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Top Ten Most Effective Ways to Use Your Classroom Projector

  1. Incorporate video into lessons to increase student retention and attention.  Use Discovery Education Streaming, a video based learning resource featuring full length videos divided into content-specific video segments.  Contact your CIT, Librarian, or the JISD Help Desk to create an account.
  2. Engage students using presentation software such as PowerPoint to create interactive presentations containing text, art, animation, and audio and video elements.  Use when introducing a unit, providing background information, conveying complex concepts in an outline format, and when teaching a step by step process.Projector in action
  3. Move past the whiteboard and into the world of three dimensional shapes with a document camera.  Display student work, math problems, maps, newspaper articles, show visuals for science experiments and enlarge or reduce the size of an image.  The possibilities are endless.
  4. Incorporate technologies with wireless interactive pads that allow teachers to create an interactive whiteboard on any surface in the classroom.  Connect multiple pads in the same classroom to further increase student engagement and participation. Use for team activities, learning simulations, and student exploration.
  5. Bring more energy and activity in the classroom with a Classroom Performance System, a student response system using wireless connectivity.  In the hand of every student in the classroom, these student response systems encourage anonymous participation and provide immediate feedback. 
  6. Build graphic organizers, including concept maps, webs, mind maps and idea maps using a graphic organizer tool such as Kidspiration or Inspiration to brainstorm, plan, organize, think, outline and present.
  7. Bring the Internet to life and engage the entire class using Google Earth, a satellite imagery-based mapping product, which enables users to "fly" from space to street level to find geographic information and explore places around the world.
  8. Model the use of a particular software or internet site to students such as the K-12 Database Program, an online research and information resource.  Contact your CIT or Librarian for the username and password.
  9. Use a digital projector and presentation software, such as PowerPoint as a tool for developing confident public speakers.  Students create a set of multimedia slides highlighting the important facts from their research and present their findings to the class.
  10. Display images, text or video to engage students at the beginning of a lesson or display an image with a writing prompt for students as they begin writing.

For help integrating these ideas into your class, contact your Technology Specialist / CIT.

by M. Sarkis

Keeping JISD Students Safe with Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Training

Stop Cyber BullyingThe Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law enacted by Congress to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school computers. Based on CIPA, Judson ISD is required to adopt and implement an Internet safety policy. 

Judson ISD has created a presentation for students and staff to fulfill the CIPA requirements. A team of trainers consisting of Librarians, Counselors, Social Workers and Campus Instructional Technologists will deliver the training at all campuses. The presentations are scheduled to occur during the second semester across the district.

The presentation will consist of two parts: Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.  Trainings will be given in a classroom setting to allow for questions and discussions. Topics that will be covered include Internet Use policies at Judson I.S.D, how to sort through appropriate Internet sites, using social networking sites, posting words and pictures in cyberspace, online shopping and netiquette.  The training will consist of a 45 minute PowerPoint presentation, followed by a short review video and will conclude with a 10 question quiz to ensure that the training objectives were met.    

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Internet Safety at Judson I.S.D., please contact the Instructional Technology department at 945-5581 or bahr@judsonisd.org


by M. Martinez

Using Computers & DVD Players with Video Projectors

Using projectors in the classroom with a computer, document camera, DVD, or VHS can make learning more interactive and diversified. Below are some tips to help you resolve some common problems in using the projectors in your classroom that will help eliminate some unneeded frustrations:

  • Tip: Make sure you have the correct setting on the projector (i.e.computer, video, etc) depending on the source you are trying to view. Often if you plug a DVD or VHS to the RCA plug (red- right audio, white- left audio, yellow- video), you may not get a picture on the screen.
    • Problem: The problem could be that the computer is still set as the source for the projector.
    • Solution: Using the projector remote select the input to be VIDEO. This will allow the RCA plugs on the projector to become active.
  • Tip: Ensure Audio plugs are connected properly from the back of the computer to the wall plate or the back of the projector.
    • Problem: If no sound is coming out of the projector, the projector may not be receiving a signal from the source. Often, the problem lies at the computer port (i.e. headphone jack or speaker jack)
    • Solution: Ensure the audio plug is connected to the green audio port on the back of the computer. Important: Make sure no device is connected to the headphone jack on the front of the computer. Plugging a device into the headphone jack will disable the back audio jack which will cancel the signal to the projector.
  • Tip: Maximize the life of the projector lamp.
    • Problem: Turning off the computer and not turning off the projector.
    • Solution: Always turn off the projector (Do not unplug the projector, which can result in a burned out lamp and an expensive bulb replacement.) when not actively using it.  This will allow the projector to go into standby mode. The fan will remain on to cool the lamp.

by J. Orona

SchoolWorld Implementation Moving Forward

JISD & SchoolWorldThis year JISD campus and teacher websites are transitioning from a previous system to SchoolWorld. This involves a large amount of change and planning but is going well. The campus sites began their transition last October and completed the majority of their initial move by early December. Certain processes and strategies are still being refined but the overall move has been a great success! New Sites offer a cleaner look and feel and a great deal of information at each campus. Our campus webmasters deserve a great deal of credit and a big Thank You for the work they continue to put in creating content and learning the new system.

Teachers’ Websites will be completely transitioned by the end of the summer. We are taking extra time with these to give everyone the greatest chance of learning at a pace appropriate for them. Many teachers, though, are already up and running. At several of our schools more than 50% of the teachers have active sites. Woodlake Elementary School and Metzger Middle School are leading the effort with over 70% now active. Kudos! This will eventually move to 100% across the district as more trainings are offered and teachers become familiar with the system.

by G. Landes