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SchoolWorld Coming With New Campus and Teacher Websites

JISD & SchoolWorldYou’re probably aware that we use an outdated tool to update teacher and campus sites. The tool has proven to be confusing and difficult at times - so much so that some teachers don’t use it. The good news is, “It doesn’t have to be that hard!” Last year we began a search for a new easy to use web site creation tool… and we found it. The product is called SchoolWorld and the change that I mentioned is our transition from our outdated tool to SchoolWorld. This is a big change and we want it to go smoothly, so we wanted today to give you an upfront look at how and when it is going to happen.

The transition has actually already begun; the new campus sites will replace the current sites in the middle of October.  Teacher sites will be changing, too, but we’re taking a little more time with this to ensure that everyone moves in at a comfortable pace. The old teacher pages will not go away until January giving teachers the fall semester to save anything they want to keep from their old teacher site. When campus sites come in October, teachers will get access to their new sites, as well. At this point we will begin offering a variety of guides and trainings aimed at getting teachers going and meeting the new requirements for a teacher website. Don’t worry about the requirements; they are attainable by everyone in the district. In fact, we’re so impressed with how easy the new system is that we imagine many of you will be able to go above and beyond without a minute spent in the lab!

Teachers no-doubt have questions, so please click here to browser the information we’ve collected on the District Tech Support site. This link requires a District Login.
(Link updated 10-26-09)

Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Online training coming soon for all employees

Do you know what data is confidential? How do you dispose of documents? Should you send that through email? Should you be accessing that website? What do you do if your thumb drive is missing or stolen? What if a student wants to friend you on Facebook? Should you answer that email asking for your date of birth?

WOW!  There are so many aspects to be aware and cautious of in our daily usage of technology. For this reason, the Technology Security Taskforce has created three brief training modules to inform and educate employees. The goal is protect the district, the employees and the students. All employees will be required to take the ONLINE courses this fall! You can take these e-courses (electronic courses) from your desk or the comfort of your home using eduphoria! Workshop. The three courses for Fall, 2009 are:

  • Judson ISD Employee Acceptable Use Policy – Understanding Judson ISD Policy and Procedures
  • Do You Know Where Your Data Is? - An Introduction to Information Security
  • Identity Theft – How to Protect Yourself

Employees will be receiving emails as the courses open up on Eduphoria! Workshop as well as the timelines for completion.

Judson ISD Employee Access Center

Have you visited the Judson ISD Employee Access Center (EAC) lately?  What can you find in the EAC? The EAC is a user-friendly application where JISD employees can easily access employee information and update certain demographic information.

Information available in the EAC includes:

  1. Demographic Information JISD Employee Access Center
  2. Education & Certifications
  3. Payroll Checks/Vouchers
  4. Salary and Benefits
  5. Leave Information
  6. W-2s
  7. Tax Information
  8. Deduction and Benefits

In the near future the EAC will be the source to obtain a copy of payroll vouchers and W2’s.  More information on specific timelines will be forthcoming from the Payroll department. Check back often for future enhancements.

Please consult the EAC Jumpstart for a full explanation of how to use the EAC. To gain access to the EAC please log onto MyJISD District Portal.

NOTE: If a discrepancy is discovered when viewing information in the EAC, please report the discrepancy using the contact information at the top of the page currently being viewed.